5 Common Wedding Dress Shopping Mistakes To Avoid

5 Common Wedding Dress Shopping Mistakes To Avoid

5 Common Wedding Dress Shopping Mistakes To Avoid. Mobile Image

Dec 29, 2021

Are you a bride shopping for your dream wedding dress? You'll will want to check out today's wedding planning advice post and video from Wedding Fashion Expert, because we're talking about all the things *not* to do when shopping for your wedding dress. You know how we love to give you the honest, practical and helpful advice on all things wedding dresses and today's tips are no exception.


Here are Lovella Bridal in LA, we get to meet and work with so many brides and we've seen it all. We are excited to share with you 5 of the most common mistakes that we see brides make when it comes to their wedding dress and bridal attire. In addition to the mistakes, we're also sharing with you how to avoid these mistakes and what to do about it so that you can feel your best on your wedding day. 


Before we get into our wedding dress shopping mistakes to avoid, please remember our best piece of advice for finding your dream wedding dress:  Whatever style bridal gown that makes you feel beautiful, that's the wedding dress for you. 


Mistake #1:  Basing Your Decision On Money


The first mistake that we see brides make all time is basing their wedding dress choice on the price of the dress, instead of basing their wedding dress decision on the style that makes them look and feel their best.


We see many brides disappointed in their wedding dress choice when they base their decision on the price of the dress. When brides choose a dress that they don't love, but they love the price and they want to save money, they are often disappointed walking down the aisle on their wedding day.


We always advise brides to avoid compromising with a dress that is less expensive if it doesn't make them feel amazing.


Mistake #2:  Trying To Save Money On Alterations


This second wedding dress shopping mistake also has to do with money. We always advise brides not to skimp on the alterations for your wedding dress. (For more on alterations, be sure to watch our video on everything brides need to know about wedding dress alterations.)


The alternations make or break your wedding dress and you cannot compromise on your alterations, especially after you've invested in the wedding dress of your dreams.


Unfortunately, the alternations of the dress often comes closer to your wedding day when many of the other wedding invoices are due. It can be hard and uncomfortable to spend the extra money on alterations at a time when so many other wedding bills are due, however we can not stress the importance of investing in your dress alterations. The alterations of your dress is where the dress will be fitted to your exact body, no matter your size. It will be hemmed to the perfect length and be expertly tailored to fit you just as you are.


When it comes to your dress alterations, you get what you pay for.  Alterations is not a place to go for a cheaper alternative or to try to save money.


Mistake #3:  Selecting A Dress Based On Venue Or Wedding Theme


When brides choose their wedding dress based on the theme of their wedding or on their wedding venue or location, instead of based on the wedding dress that makes them feel beautiful and comfortable, we often see them disappointed on their wedding day. Find a wedding dress that you love regardless of where or when you're getting married and you can't go wrong.


The pandemic taught us that things move quickly and things can change when it comes to your wedding date or your location. If you've chosen a wedding dress based on your venue or your theme and something changes, you run the risk of not loving your wedding dress. We want you to love your wedding dress no matter the time of year you're getting married and no matter the venue.


If you're getting married on the beach, in the mountains, at a vineyard or in a hotel ball room, brides should love their dress no matter where they are getting married. Find the dress that makes you feel amazing, confident and comfortable. You deserve it. 


Mistake #4:  Not Putting Yourself First


Another common wedding dress shopping mistake that we see often is when brides put their own opinion last and listen too much to the opinions and thoughts of others around them.


Basing their wedding dress decision on other's opinions and thoughts is a common mistake that we see many brides make. When you don't take into account your own thoughts and what makes you feel beautiful and comfortable, you could be very disappointed in the long run. Although well intentioned, the opinions and thoughts of others, such as family or friends, don't matter as much as your own opinion.


Be very mindful of the opinions that you allow to shape your wedding dress decision. You are the one wearing the wedding dress, it is important that you love your dress choice. Protect yourself when it comes to wedding dress shopping and finding your dream dress.


Mistake #5:  Accessorizing With Low Quality Pieces 


The last wedding dress shopping mistake that we see is the final piece that will pull your entire bridal style together: the accessories.


After you've invested in the wedding dress that makes you feel your best, that you love, it is important to not skimp on the accessories. Whether it is your bridal veil, headpiece, bridal shoes, jewelry, the quality of those accessory pieces matter. Cheap accessories or low quality pieces paired with the high-quality wedding dress of your dreams does not mix well.


For example, many bridal veils sold online from large retails are may look beautiful in the pictures, but in person, they can be too short or too narrow and are no worthy of your dream wedding dress. A cheap veil next to your gorgeous wedding dress will look cheap, which is a bridal style that many brides are trying to avoid on their wedding day.


Only accessorize your quality wedding dress with quality accessory pieces that you've seen in person and that you love just as much as your dress.


Video:  5 Common Wedding Dress Shopping Mistakes To Avoid


You know that we couldn't just give you the shopping tips without also having a video from Wedding Fashion Expert. After all, some brides prefer to watch. If that's you, be sure to check out our video on the 5 most common mistakes that brides make when wedding dress shopping and, of course, our tips on how brides can avoid these mistakes. 




Bonus Dress Shopping Tip


We have one more bonus wedding dress shopping tip for you. Be sure to have an open mind when it comes to finding the dress of your dreams. Try on all of the different styles of dresses and wait to see what happens once you have the dress on your body. You never know what looks good on you until you try it on. Often times what you think you want, might not be what looks the best on you.


Be open minded and you may be pleasantly surprised in the wedding dress that makes you feel amazing and that you end up choosing for your big day.



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