5 Myths about being a Bridal Stylist!

5 Myths about being a Bridal Stylist!

5 Myths about being a Bridal Stylist!. Mobile Image

Apr 24, 2021

We won't lie... we do have THE best job in the world and we all LOVE what we do at Lovella HOWEVER, it is not always as glamorous as it looks from the outside. There are definitely times where the job presents stresses and difficulties and unless you live and breathe bridal, it would be easy for the industry to swallow you up! Below are 5 common myths that come with being a bridal stylist! We thought it would be a good idea to shed some light into our world and what it is really like from the inside! For more on this topic, be sure to head over to Wedding Fashion Expert, Nayri's YouTube channel here.




Bridal Stylists play dress-up all day!- We wish! Although we do get to try different dresses on, it is more for educational purposes to see how different dresses fit and feel against our own bodies, making it easier to guide our brides and know what they are feeling. It is important to see different shapes on different body types because how a dress looks on you, won't necessarily be the same on somebody else. So, we promise you... it is definitely not dressing up all day every day!


Our job is ALWAYS fun and happy!- Weddings are something that brings out lots of emotion for different people and everyone's circumstances are different. For example, a bride may have lost a close family member who they wish could attend their wedding. This can make the process more of an upsetting one as opposed to one of joy and excitement. It is our job to manage all the different emotions that come into our store which is sometimes more difficult than you think!


We are doing pretty things ALL day long!- Although our job can seem very glamorous, it comes with its not-so-glamorous parts too! Our store doesn't look tidy and clean by itself! we have to constantly sweep sparkle off the floor and rearrange dresses so that they look tidy and sit perfectly on the hangers. A LOT of cleaning is involved! 


We have the least stressful job in the world- NOT TRUE! We definitely have stress! We have to be very detail-oriented and ruthless when it comes to logistics! If the smallest thing is missed, a LOT can go wrong. For example, making sure measurements are correct, dresses being ordered in the correct size/color... the list is endless. Especially when we are seeing multiple brides in one day, we have to ensure nothing slips through the cracks! 


The job is easy and isn't really a job at all!- Yes our job is fun! But we have such an important job in making this whole process run smoothly for brides. From answering phones, coordinating appointments, making sure the store looks presentable, alterations, etc etc etc! There are a lot of moving parts and we work in such a dynamic environment which always needs to operate like a well-oiled machine! We all work so hard at Lovella to make this your absolute GO-TO store. 

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