6 Things To Avoid When Wedding Dress Shopping!

6 Things To Avoid When Wedding Dress Shopping!

6 Things To Avoid When Wedding Dress Shopping!. Mobile Image

Apr 22, 2021

There are a few NO-GO things to do when it comes to shopping for your wedding dress. We want to best prepare our brides so that you get the most out of the time you spend in-store trying on THE MOST important article of clothing you will EVER wear. Below, we have listed 6 things to avoid when shopping for your wedding dress so that you can feel informed and know what to expect! Not to mention, how you can best be productive in finding your dream dress and feel BEAUTIFUL!


  1. Colored Undergarments! - Don't do it to yourself! Colored undergarments can be very distracting underneath gowns, making it difficult to visualize the dress at its best! Opt for nude options. You will most likely NOT need a bra either as everything will be sewn in
  2. A million appointments in one day!- We always say to have no more than 2 appointments in one day as it can become overwhelming and confusing. Do your research and pick stores that match the aesthetic you are going for and capture your style and vision. 
  3. Not eating before your appointment!- DO NOT COME ON AN EMPTY STOMACH! Trying on dresses is a full workout (seriously!) and you can't make any clear decision on an empty stomach. We understand you don't want to feel bloated etc however, just opt for a light breakfast or lunch, but be sure to eat and drink tons of water!
  4. Shopping if you're in a bad mood!- You want to feel excited about trying dresses on! The process is meant to be fun and productive so if you aren't in a good headspace, we advise you to reschedule your appointment to ensure a productive visit in-store. Our stylists are always here to be your biggest cheerleaders too and help alleviate any potential stresses you may have so if you are just feeling nervous.. know that we have got your back and are here to make your process simple and refreshing!
  5. Taking endless amounts of photos!- Only take photos of gowns that you are seriously considering! It can become more confusing the more pictures you take. Also, be mindful that samples don't always fit perfectly and have to be clamped, making pictures not flattering and how the dress would look if it was in your size. Our biggest advice at Lovella is to make decisions when you are IN the dress. It is very easy to forget how a dress made you feel once you step away from it and study pictures. If you are unsure, instead of looking at photos, come back in-store and put the dress back on! We are here to reassure you along the way!
  6. Have your hair and makeup done!- We don't know about you, but we feel that it's difficult to envision the whole look if our hair and makeup aren't done. We are not saying to come in with a perfect blow-dry etc, but make yourself feel beautiful so that you find it easier to visualize the whole look. 


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