8 myths about shopping for your wedding dress

8 myths about shopping for your wedding dress

8 myths about shopping for your wedding dress. Mobile Image

May 07, 2021

There are many common myths when it comes to purchasing your wedding dress. At Lovella, we see and hear it ALL! We thought we'd break down the 8 most heard myths to give you an insight to ultimately help you in your process!


You're supposed to cry when you say yes to the dress!- FALSE! If you are an emotional person at heart, then yes, you may cry when you find your dream dress however, for most people, it is a logical thought-out decision that doesn't necessarily bring tears to the eyes! Our biggest advice is, don't compare yourself or your process to others! Everyone is different and your journey is unique to YOU. 


You're supposed to go to every store!- FALSE AGAIN! We say, pick 3 stores MAX that fit the aesthetic that you are going for and that you feel comfortable doing business with. Your dress will be at one of those 3 stores! The more dresses you try, the more overwhelmed you get! You also start to see the same thing over and over. Pick your stores wisely and enjoy the journey!


I have to sleep on it!- This is probably the biggest myth of them all! YOU DO NOT SLEEP ON THIS DECISION! Once you leave the store, you lose the emotional attachment to the dress and forget how you felt while you were wearing it. Remember that you will be trying on sample gowns that will most likely not fit you, making photos of the dress, not the most flattering! Our advice is to compare the photos while you are wearing the dress so you can iron out any potential worries you have with the stylist helping you. 


You won't have any buyer's remorse!- It is human nature to regret or question a large ticket purchase! Don't worry if you start to feel guilty, that is totally normal. The best thing to do is to contact your stylist and ask to come back in to store to put your dress back on to remind you of that amazing feeling it gave you! Don't deprive yourself of anything but spectacular on your wedding day! It is THE most important article of clothing you will EVER WEAR!


Indecisive people take forever to make a decision!- More failure in life is caused by indecision than anything else! Your stylist will make this super easy and refreshing for you and will take you through the process taking into consideration ALL your feedback in order to minimize any indecision. Trust in the experts and you will make the perfect decision for YOU. 


I can't find the dress I'm looking for, so I'm going to have it made!- Custom dresses are a tough one and something that we do not recommend. The reason for this is, your vision and what the designer creates don't match up 99% of the time and this results in money being wasted and you being unsatisfied and disappointed. You are better off purchasing a dress you can actually try to see how it feels and looks on your body! Your dress will be the one that you don't want to change ANYTHING about. Be patient and trust that it is out there because it is!


My posse has to approve of the dress!- Your posse needs to be in the appointment with you so that they can be a part of the whole journey and see first hand the process it took to find you your dream dress! Ultimately, your dress should be the one that YOU love and feel most beautiful in. Be selective in who you bring to your appointment, as you want friends and family there who know your vibe and know what you like so they can give honest feedback and not feedback based on their own taste and style.


I need a white wedding dress!- FALSE! There are no rules. Go with what you LOVE. Also, what you need to be mindful of is, designers, use different names for colors such as 'vanilla', 'off-white', 'espresso', 'blush'... the list is endless! This is done for a reason! Often, designers use soft tones as an underlay to make the appliqué and lace pop in photos! Our advice is to try different tones on and see what you like against your skin. Be open-minded!


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