A Note From the Bride

A Note From the Bride

A Note From the Bride. Mobile Image

Apr 26, 2019

A Note From the Bride

Dear future Brides, 

If you already tried so many bridal stores, but couldn't find anything you love to wear or if you are considering trying many wedding dresses to choose the one, please go visit Lovella Bridal and meet Angie first before you make a final decision! She will help you choose the best dress in the best style that will fits your body perfectly. 

This bridal store made my wedding preparation so happy and smooth.  Since ordering wedding dress usually takes 6-8 months, choosing my wedding dress was the second thing I did right after my husband and I chose the venue. Dress shopping was very fun but at the same time a bit frustrating because I was nervous thinking whether I might not be able to find the one I really fell in love with or because sometimes the experiences were kind of bad due to the rude service I got from other bridal stores. But after I tried so many stores and many dresses, I went to Lovella Bridal and finally found the dress that I could feel "Oh this is the one!!!!"

Angie helped me a lot especially choosing the size based on the measurement. I wanted to make myself look skinny as much as possible so was thinking to downsize my hip area, but Angie recommended me to upsize it instead because the size of the dress I was wearing was too tight for my hip which made my hip look very flat. She told me to upsize it so that it would help my hip show it's line better. She was right. When I got my dress, I was very happy with its size. Also I had a difficulty to choose the right belt for the dress between 2 different styles, but Angie helped me to choose the right one with such great advices. 

For the alteration, Angie has a very professional skills and eyes to make your dress even more fit to your body perfectly so you don't have to worry about anything. 

Wedding dress shopping should be full of happy and exciting experience for every bride. It is going to be your day so you should deserve the best treatment and service. With Angie's help, I hope not only that you can find the one for your big day, but also that you can actually enjoy the experience too:)

-Rei N.