The Truth About Low Back Wedding Dresses

The Truth About Low Back Wedding Dresses

The Truth About Low Back Wedding Dresses. Mobile Image

Jul 03, 2024

Thinking about a wedding dress with a low back or an open back? Make sure you get our advice first before you buy a wedding dress with a back moment!


There are many things to consider when shopping for your wedding dress, especially if you are set on a specific style or detail that you must have on your wedding dress. We recently shared our advice on strapless wedding dresses and wearing a wedding dress with long sleeves. And, don't miss our advice on the best wedding dress styles for brides with a small chest.


Today, we are focusing on low back wedding dresses. As bridal stylists, we have insider knowledge that brides often don’t know when they start shopping for their wedding dress. If you are thinking of wearing a backless, open back or low back bridal dress, there are a few important things to keep in mind when trying on this style wedding dress.


Video: The Truth About Low-Back Wedding Dresses


If you are a bride ready to shop for your wedding dress and you are looking for a gown with a lot of drama in the back, be sure to tune in to our advice video highlighting all the things you need to consider when shopping for a low back wedding dress



Don’t Forget The Front


At Lovella, we often have brides coming into the store specifically requesting a low back wedding dress or backless bridal gown. We certainly understand brides wanting a dramatic moment with their wedding dress and the back of the dress seems like a perfect place to do this. You could have an illusion lace back wedding dress or perhaps a very low cut back dress that has a string of pearls or crystals adding a bit of embellishment. All of these are great options and will look amazing as your wedding guests watch you have your moment walking down the aisle, but don’t forget about the front of the wedding dress.

The majority of your wedding day photos are going to be taken from the front and you will be greeting your loved ones from the front, so the front of your wedding dress is really going to be the star. You shouldn’t completely ignore the back of your dress, but you don’t want to hyper fixate on it either. When selecting the dress to wear on wedding day, be sure you love it from all angles.


Lack Of Support


Another important thing to consider when shopping for a low back wedding dress is you will have less support when wearing this style wedding dress. Many brides expect to feel support and held in by their wedding dress, but this is often not possible to achieve with a low back wedding dress. There are certainly styles that may have just a strap or perhaps a tie across the back to help cinch in the dress around the waist but that will mean sacrificing the completely open back that some brides really want. If you are set on having an uninterrupted low back, you will have to be comfortable with having less support.


Having a band across the back will offer support as well as define your waist a bit more as it cinches in and offers structure to the gown. So in addition to giving you that feeling of support and being held in, having some element of structure across the back will give you a bit more shape and a seamless look. You may experience some gaping with a completely backless wedding dress, so it might not be the most functional silhouette for all brides.


Illusion Back Dresses


Our best advice for brides looking for a low back wedding dress would be to opt for a style with an illusion back. We know that backless dresses look beautiful in photos, but they will not be the most practical choice for a wedding day. We know that many brides focus on the back of the dress, the elaborate train, because it’s the first time they are wearing a wedding dress and that is what makes it feel “bridal”. You can still put emphasis on having a beautiful back of your dress and have support with an illusion back bridal dress.


A wedding dress with an illusion back will give you the best of both worlds. You will have the visual look you are wanting while also getting the feeling of support and being held in. Bridal designers use a type of thin mesh material that is practically invisible to give the effect of an open back while still giving you a layer of fabric to hold you into your dress. There are some really pretty design elements that can happen as well with illusion back dresses, intricate floral lace details or sparkle embellishments so it really can be a great way to get that piece of drama you are looking for in your bridal outfit.


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