Advice for Repurposing & Rewearing Your Wedding Dress

Advice for Repurposing & Rewearing Your Wedding Dress

Advice for Repurposing & Rewearing Your Wedding Dress. Mobile Image

May 23, 2022

It's time for one of our most requested wedding dress topics! You know we love helping all brides find their dream wedding dress. But, once you find your dream dress, wear it on your wedding day and love it, then what!? Many brides ask us about how to repurpose their wedding dress after their wedding day. They want to know our tips for wearing their wedding dress again (and again!) after the wedding is over. Today's wedding fashion advice post is all about our expert bridal stylist's advice on how to get the most out of your wedding dress once you're married. If you don't want to sell your wedding dress, what are your options? We're going to talk all bout it!


At Lovella Bridal, we know that purchasing a wedding dress is a big commitment. You probably spent hours researching the perfect wedding dress style and bridal boutique to shop. Not to mention all the time trying on different wedding dresses until you found your dream bridal style. It is such a shame that an amazing wedding dress only gets to be worn for one magical day and then oftentimes ends up sitting in a preservation box.


We have talked in the past about the options you have for what to do with your wedding dress after the wedding day. You can choose to have your wedding dress preserved, or even resell your wedding dress, and today we are offering our tips and advice on how to repurpose and re-wear your wedding dress.


Your dream wedding dress deserves to be worn for more than just one day! 


VIDEO: Repurposing & Rewearing Your Wedding Dress


You may prefer to get your wedding planning advice in video form, and you won't want to miss today's video with our advice for repurposing and rewearing your wedding dress. From using your wedding dress fabric in new ways to dying your wedding dress, you won't want to miss all the tips in today's wedding dress advice video all about how to reuse your wedding dress once your wedding is over. 


Make Something New


One of our favorite ways to reuse your wedding dress after your wedding is to make a totally new outfit or dress with it. We have heard from many past Lovella brides that they have repurposed their wedding dress into a completely new outfit. Simply cutting your wedding dress to a new length will give it a whole new life and unique style from your wedding day.


By having their wedding dress cut into a short dress, they are given some amazing leftover fabric to work with as an added bonus! One bride in particular cut her wedding dress into a shorter dress, and used the extra fabric to create a Christening gown for her new daughter. She got to wear the short version of her wedding dress for her daughter's baptism and the new baby got to wear a gorgeous new Christening gown made from her mom's wedding dress. It made for a very special sentimental moment, and this family now has a new heirloom Christening gown that they will be able to pass down to new generations...all made from her repurposed wedding dress.


It's not just new gowns that can be made from your wedding dress either. You could have custom handkerchiefs made or even a wedding garter to pass on to special friends, sisters or relatives in your family. We also love the idea of using the lining of your wedding dress to make a patch for the inside of someone else's wedding dress, like your best friend or family member.


Fabric Dyeing 


Now it's time to talk color when it comes to reusing your wedding dress after your big day. Another fun option to give your wedding dress a new life is to dye the fabric.


We highly recommend Natalie at Renegade Dye Lab if you would like to pursue dyeing your wedding dress and creating a new look with your wedding dress. Natalie is so creative and does amazing work - she may even come up with some awesome new ideas you haven't even thought of for your wedding dress! If you are looking for a truly custom wedding day look, they can dye your wedding dress, even dying just part of it, before the wedding and then after the wedding, make something totally new for you. 


One past Lovella bride is a singer and performer. She knew when she picked out her dream wedding dress that she wanted to have her bridal dress dyed after the wedding. She knew that she would be able to repurpose her wedding dress to wear for her stage performances and give her wedding dress a second life. 


Portrait Sessions


Another idea that we love when it comes to re-wearing your wedding dress after your wedding is over is to actually wear it again, just as it is. Many of our past brides at Lovella have planned photo shoots and portrait sessions in their wedding dress after their big day and it has provided so many amazing memories for them.


You could plan to do a wedding anniversary portrait photography session where you wear your wedding dress for some glamorous and fun photo portraits to commemorate your one, five or even ten year wedding anniversary. You could even do a fun post-wedding portrait session.


If you're thinking about taking photos in your wedding dress after your wedding day, find an amazing location and take some spectacular portraits when you don't have to worry about wedding day timelines and getting your dress dirty before your wedding ceremony.


The post-wedding photo session possibilities are really endless! 


No Limitations


There are really no limits when it comes to repurposing and rewearing your wedding dress. If you want to make the most of your wedding dress after your wedding day is over, this is an opportunity for you to be super creative. It's a chance to make something new and give your wedding dress a second chance.


We highly recommend finding a creative way to repurpose your wedding dress versus just letting it sit in a storage box for years...and years.



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