Do I match my dress to my venue?!

Do I match my dress to my venue?!. Mobile Image

Mar 13, 2021

'I need something to match my venue...' Is something our stylists hear from our brides all day long at Lovella. We are here to tell you that wherever you get married whether that be on a beach or in a church, we believe that you should tie the knot in a dress that you absolutely LOVE and feel beautiful in... not just because it 'matches' or fits your venue. For example, brides may feel that they cannot wear a ballgown if they are getting married on a beach or they can't wear long sleeve if they are getting married in a hot destination. Both of these statements are WRONG and you should never feel tied to a specific type of dress that is dictated by the venue. This is the one day in your life where you get to wear whatever makes YOU happy and to wear the dress you've always dreamed of. Moral of the story... choose your dress based off what makes you feel most beautiful and excited no matter what. Covid was the perfect example of things not going to plan... sometimes venues cancel or things change therefore, outside factors should not determine your dress! We look forward to making you all feel gorgeous in store!