Do i need to shop at multiple bridal stores?!

Do i need to shop at multiple bridal stores?!. Mobile Image

Mar 20, 2021

The simple answer to this question is ABSOLUTELY NOT. Shopping for your wedding dress can feel overwhelming as it is and only becomes more so, the more gowns you try. Granted, everyone makes decisions differently and some brides will feel the need to exhaust ALL avenues before committing to the dress. We respect this and value difference in approach however, most of the time, our brides will come back after shopping around, only to tell us they wish they hadn't made their life more difficult. The best thing to do when beginning your wedding dress shopping is to DO YOUR RESEARCH FIRST. Look at different photos and styles that catch your eye and save a folder on your phone. When you then come in to store at Lovella, share your folder of images with your expert stylist. She will then be able to visualize your goal and personal style and help guide you to achieve your desired look. Shopping at Lovella is like shopping multiple stores in one. There really is nothing you won't be able to try. Once you identify the best shape for you, it's all about finding the perfect design. Although it seems daunting... we really do make the process simple, easy and refreshing so that you end up saying yes to your dream dress stress free and with endless excitement. If you find a style and design that you LOVE and that you wouldn't change... that is your dress. Simple. By continuing the process of trying on, you are only confusing yourself and it easily becomes more of a negative process instead of being the most fun!