Expert Wedding Planning Advice During COVID-19

Expert Wedding Planning Advice During COVID-19

Expert Wedding Planning Advice During COVID-19. Mobile Image

Jun 04, 2020

Expert Wedding Planning Advice During


With so much going on in the world right now, planning a wedding is not the easiest task (as if it was ever easy!).
Below you'll find advice from trusted vendors to help guide you through your wedding planning processing during this pandemic! Love is not canceled! 
"As businesses start to reopen, please understand they may have just survived one of the hardest professional and personal challenges they've ever faced. While they're excited to open, the owners and employees are still stressed. They're not through the woods yet. Please don't go to these businesses and complain about changes that were forced upon them due to lost revenue, lost employees, new policies, and protocols. They don't have the same business they had two months ago. They're doing everything they can to adapt to the situation. But everything is different for them. Be kind. Be compassionate. Have patience. They're still trying to recover from battle number one and their next battle of rebuilding has just begun." -Source Unknown




Advice to couples planning their wedding during COVID-19:

"To all of our lovely couples planning their wedding during this pandemic my best advice would be please stay positive. Think of this as an extension and take your time to re-evaluate everything you ever wanted out of your special day. Try to keep an open mind with rescheduling dates, locations, and timeline. If you dont have a wedding planner or did not intend on having one, now might be a good time to hire someone to take the stress out of your hands."

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Advice to couples planning their wedding during COVID-19:

"For couples who have had to make the difficult decision to postpone their wedding, I would encourage you to find reasons or ways that your postponed wedding is going to be even better than your original wedding! Maybe now you can get a really amazing rehearsal dinner dress or you can invite more of your new co-workers!"



Advice to couples planning their wedding during COVID-19:

 "If you are just starting to plan your wedding, I would reach out and try to lock in your hair and makeup artist nine months in advance, because most weddings postponements have been moved to 2021."


    Advice to couples planning their wedding during COVID-19: "This is an interesting time for us all but hold onto the love you have for one another. We as experts are here to help you reschedule your original date and provide a smooth transition to the biggest day of your life."  




Advice to couples planning their wedding during COVID-19:

"When it comes to hair and makeup, I would highly advise planning earlier than normal and booking your artists early. The ideal range to book your artist would be 7-9 months. You'll want time to find an artist well suited to your style and needs. If you arent able to do a trial, you can opt for a virtual trial / 1-1 with the artist to see if you are a good fit personality-wise. Otherwise, I would recommend, that if you have a particular style and look in mind for your hair and makeup. When looking through an artists portfolio (IG or website), if you dont see at least 5 examples of the looks you are wanting then move on. If its not present in their work, they might be able to do it, but its not their preferred style." @Araxjan @Glamourax   Advice to couples planning their wedding during COVID-19: "This is a crash course in life for you and your partner. Unexpected problems arise, changes happen that are out of your control, and decisions need to be made... sometimes without much time to make sure youre making the right one. Its an opportunity to see how well you handle issues together. Its also a chance for your vendors to step up and help you. Ive been helping my brides use this time to get their skincare routine and hair care routine optimized... so when the wedding happens, youre rested, hydrated, and glistening. Lastly, do something fun! Have a zoom wedding and get your papers. Get your registry ready.  All the post-wedding stuff you wouldnt otherwise have time for! Reach out to us if you have any questions. Thats what my colleagues and I are here for, and we are all happy to help." @MGHairAndMakeup   Advice to couples planning their wedding during COVID-19: Couples starting/currently planning: "Try to schedule your hair and makeup trial sooner than later so you have a good idea of what your current hair/skin looks like for the look you want. This will give you ample time to make all the salon/derm appointments necessary far in advance to ensure your hair/skin is exactly what you want for your wedding day look. Beauty appointments (once things open up) will be harder to get because of the reduced number of employees and appointments to adhere to the new guidelines." Couples postponing their weddings: "Take the time to keep doing what you were doing for your hair/skin routine! The longer you stick to your routine, the better your hair and skin will look on your wedding day!"  

PHOTOGRAPHY / VIDEOGRAPHY @ArmenPhoto   Advice to couples planning their wedding during COVID-19: "All you need is love! Take care of yourself and be joyful you have found the ONE. The celebration will come!" @AndreasAndNico   Advice to couples planning their wedding during COVID-19: "Keep dreaming, keep planning.  One thing is for certain, you can still celebrate now.  Even your engagement session photoshoots can still take place while staying safe, and following social distancing guidelines."   Pro tip: Plan a small intimate ceremony for this year, and set your larger parties for 2021.  Showcase the photos and film from your intimate ceremony at your larger party. @CollinPierson   Advice to couples planning their wedding during COVID-19: "While planning anything, from getting the motivation to finally go to the grocery store, all the way to organizing a wedding next year, there will truly be some bumps along the road. The best advice I can give is to reach out early and stay in contact often with your potential vendor picks. Their schedules are moving quickly with soft holds, so keep that in mind. Most vendors use a client tracking system, so communication only helps the process along. Also, dont be afraid to ask questions about the realities of a Post COVID-19 wedding!" @DukeImages   Advice for couples planning their wedding during COVID-19: "We are truly sorry that you are going through these terrible times and are having to make uncomfortable sacrifices for your wedding day. Be patient as there is always a bright day ahead and this too shall pass. As constructive advice to all brides and grooms: We have a few couples who have decided to do a small ceremony/elopement in the coming months while saving their big wedding celebration till next year. We recommend some of you to think of doing this as well. Also, think about doing a small photoshoot even if it has to be in your house or backyard or even driveway. You want to preserve the memories of this year because this was going to be your wedding year so why not make the best of it." @EmiliaJane_   Advice to couples planning their wedding during COVID-19: "A lot of my couples are having intimate, immediate family only ceremonies this year on their original wedding dates, which I love. The huge party next year will be epic, but I am thrilled for them to have these special moments to remember in the meantime as well." @MayaMyersPhoto   Advice to couples planning their wedding during COVID-19: "Transparency, transparency, more transparency, and trust. While the stresses of either planning for and having to postpone your celebrations are present to both couples and the event specialists you are working with or want to work with, one thing to keep in mind is that we truly have your best interest and special experience in mind. We provide exceptional experiences to the couples we work with and no pandemic will stop that from happening. With full transparency to all parties involved, even if altered, you will have the celebration of a lifetime." @RebeccaMarieArt     Advice to couples planning their wedding during COVID-19: "In some ways, this is the same advice I always give, but I think the importance of holding onto it is stronger than ever before - Don't forget what matters most. And whatever that might be, keep it at the center of every single one of your decisions. If what you are the absolute most excited for is to be announced husband & husband, husband & wife, wife & wifey, and partying with your friends can come later, than tell your vendors that and let them help you pivot into a tiny/mini/small wedding plan (like the glorious stoop wedding of @elainewelteroth). If what you are most excited about is having all of your loved ones in one room, on one day, all together, well then, as hard as it might be - postpone the whole shebang and just hang tight. Silver lining? You get to rock your #Feyonce shirt a little while longer than planned. If you stay true to what is most important to the two of you, then you can't go wrong." @ReneZadoriPhotography   Advice to couples planning their wedding during COVID-19: "For our clients, we have been proactive and reached out to all couples with wedding dates up to mid-August, to start the conversation of protentional postponement. Some couples are not open to postponing their wedding just yet and want to wait it out and others just want to know their options. The ones that want it, we provide them with our available dates for Friday to Sunday from January through August 2021."  Here is a simple five-step recommendation to couples who are currently considering postponement: 
  1. Contact your venue to find out what their rules are regarding the postponement. It is important to find out if the deposit you paid for your initial date will be transferred to a new date.
  2. Speak with your fiancé about what months you are considering postponing your wedding. Will it be later this year or sometime next year? 
  3. Contact your venue to check availability in the months you are considering. It is best if you can narrow it down to a few months. For example, you can ask for available dates in January 2021 through April 2021.
  4. Once you get the availability from your venue, choose 3-4 dates that you are considering to postpone your wedding too. We know it is tough to do so, but you will have to have an open mind when choosing your new date. For example, in 2021 there will be way more weddings on Fridays and Sundays than normal because there are only so many Saturdays that are available in the year.
  5. Finally, you can reach out to your wedding vendors and see if they are available on the 3-4 dates you are considering. From there, you will be able to find a date that works with all of your wedding vendors. 

WEDDING PLANNING & DESIGN @BesharatiGroup   Advice to couples planning their wedding during COVID-19:  "Dear Couples, we feel your pain! In this time of uncertainty you need to remember that LOVE will prevail--so keep on smiling! If you are postponing your big day, leave it up to your planner to contact the venue and vendors to sort out future availability. The process will be more seamless! We also create a detailed plan for our clients who are postponing their wedding, i.e., how to contact guests, adjusting contracts with vendors and venues, creating "Change-the-Date" postponements, and finalizing design and timeline details via Zoom. Remember, there's always a contingency plan!" For Future Brides: "Smaller events doesn't mean smaller decor. If you were having a 100k wedding with 300 guests, just wait until you see what a 100k budget can do for 150 guests." @MoxieBrightEvents   Advice to couples planning their wedding during COVID-19:  "My best advice for couples planning through COVID-19 is to try to stay nimble and flexible - as much as you can. Your wedding might not be exactly as you've imagined, but there's always magic in the mess. You just can't see it right now. Remember that no one can control this, as frustrating as it is! And most of all, lean into one another. At the end of all this, the most important thing is that you have your person, and your health, hopefully." @WithAFlairEvents     Advice to couples planning their wedding during COVID-19: "Love isnt canceled! We recommend you take planning and visualizing your wedding day by day, lean on your vendor team for support (they will be there for you!). Not sure where to start? Contact/select a wedding planner who will help layout the planning path ahead for you and find ways to make the experience stress-free." @BTSEventManagement   Advice to couples planning their wedding during COVID-19:  Couples starting to plan: "Don't be afraid to feel joy and happiness during this exciting time of your life.  Wedding planning is such a fun and exciting outlet so focus on it, plan the wedding of your dreams but understand there is a potential that there may be a few restrictions or barriers that cause your wedding to be a part of "the new norm".  We aren't all 100% sure what that looks like right now but just know that your wedding day will be amazing no matter what!"  Couples postponing their weddings: "Take time to decide if postponing your wedding is right for you but understand that there is some urgency in deciding to ensure dates that are ideal for you and your families are still available.  Most of our couples' say that a majority of the stress they felt was during the process of deciding to postpone or keep their date and after they made their decision they felt so much better.  We urge everyone to believe that their wedding is going to be so special and love-filled, even if your guest count is lowered or there are more restrictions than anticipated.  All of the couples who we've spoken to, who kept their wedding date but just made changes to accommodate what is going on with COVID, have all said they were grateful they made the decision they did.  They say that getting married during social distancing mandates and travel bans forced them to focus on what weddings are all about.  There truly are silver linings in every situation and although it may be hard to see them at first, you will see them!"  

FLORAL @Javier_Valentino   Advice to couples planning their wedding during COVID-19: "Plan the wedding of your dreams. Think grand, think luxe, and think over the top! Celebrations now will have more meaning."  

LINENS, TEXTILES, & RENTALS  @HouseOfHough   Advice to couples planning their wedding during COVID-19: "Trust your vendors! They have your best interest in mind through the uncertainty. And while they can't predict the future, they will be a great resource for the most up to date information available."  

EVENT BRANDING & STATIONARY @Meldeenink    Advice to couples planning their wedding during COVID-19: "While working with couples during this pandemic, now more than ever we are expressing the opportunity to build your timelines for stationery. Traditional mail dates and save-the-date timelines dont work for all markets and circumstances right now. Give yourself the grace to set timelines that are realistic for production. Perhaps you are mailing closer to the date with more confidence, or you are doing a digital Save the Date website launch to start a group conversation with all of your guests in advance to keep them informed on any changes that evolve."   

WEDDING CAKES @TheButterEnd   Advice to couples planning their wedding during COVID-19:  "For couples who face the challenge of rescheduling their wedding, a personal call to their creative team, followed by an email to document everything is preferred. We are all in the business for love and connection, and we need this now more than ever. Just ask for a date revision, and let the deposit ride. This is what will ensure your creative team is around next year to serve you at your wedding!"  

VENUE @VertigoEventVenue   Advice to couples planning their wedding during COVID-19: 

"Dont give up on 2020. Dont give up on LOVE. Your wedding is important but not as important as your marriage. Glow through the uncertainty. Consider using the proposed limitations to gatherings as an opportunity to devise a more creative vision for your big day. Even if that means opting for a different venue, newly discovered vendors, or adjusted guest count. Lifes tides are designed to make you, not break you. And if you would rather postpone to next year to chase your original dream wedding, take it as a blessing and a chance to go bigger and better than what would have occurred this year. Just promise to tend to your relationship with the same attention and care as you expect from the seamstress to your wedding gown."