Hailey Bieber Wedding Look Dupes!!

Hailey Bieber Wedding Look Dupes!!

Hailey Bieber Wedding Look Dupes!!. Mobile Image

Feb 17, 2021

OK...How obsessed were and STILL are we with Hailey Biebers stunning wedding day looks?! Everything from the gown, veil and after looks were complete perfection. Virgil Abloh at Off White really did create a complete work of art considering he has never designed a wedding dress before! From the intricate lace detail, to the subtle yet captivating bead work, the creation totally captured Haileys personality by incorporating her street style while maintaining a traditional but youthful wedding look. Virgil and his team incorporated elements of the 'Off White' Branding such as the famous arrows but in an understated way throughout the beading work which truly made for such a 'cool' and current vibe. This idea was carried out right down to the 'Till Death Do Us Part' written on the trail edge of her veil. Congratulations Virgil and the whole team at OFF-WHITE for creating such a timeless and magical look! 

We at lovella were totally in love with the whole look and as you can imagine... have had MANY brides show us endless pictures of Hailey on her wedding day, wanting to achieve a similar look! SO... below are just a few images of just some of the many gowns we have at Lovella that capture similar features! BUT FIRST... here's a few snaps of Hailey and Justin on their day... GORGEOUS!

First, Second and Third Image taken from Hailey Bieber Instagram

Forth image taken from: https://www.pinterest.co.kr/pin/442830575861711646/

Fifth image taken from: https://www.graziame.com/style/fashion/it-looks-like-hailey-bieber-took-inspiration-from-meghan-markle-on-her-wedding-day


The Dupes...


Firstly... Berta 

Dress 1: 20-117

Dress 2: 20-110 




Secondly...Ines Di Santo

'Margot' Dress



Thirdly... Leah Da Gloria