How Do I Know That I Have 'Found THE Dress'?

How Do I Know That I Have 'Found THE Dress'?. Mobile Image

Feb 06, 2021

'How do i know it's THE ONE?' is a question we get asked on countless occasions here at Lovella. It's interesting because some people think they will cry, (some will)... but interestingly, choosing your wedding dress should be a rational decision. Kind of like buying a car, 'you will explore all the features and elements you like until you find one that fits all your wants and needs-the one that makes you smile and get excited when you see it.' 

You will try on dresses, and potentially love all of them! If the stylist has it right... you will feel beautiful in a lot of dresses that you try on! This is where brides get confused because they think that 'the one' should be blatant from the beginning but heres the catch... it really is a process! You may end up buying the first dress you try on HOWEVER, in order to get to that decision, you may have to try on multiple gorgeous dresses to make you realize that the first dress just made you feel that little bit MORE special. Really, what we're trying to get at is... there is no cookie cutter of how you know it's the one.. everyone is different but the idea is, you will just feel more drawn to one than others. Trust your judgement and make the decision while you are IN the dress as you cannot picture the feeling the dress gives you!