How long are appointments? What shall I bring?

How long are appointments? What shall I bring?

How long are appointments? What shall I bring?. Mobile Image

Feb 19, 2021

We often get asked how long our appointment slots are at Lovella... the answer is 1 hour. I know what you're thinking... HOW DO I FIND MY DREAM DRESS IN JUST 1 HOUR?! We promise you, the time allotted is more than sufficient in selecting the perfect wedding gown! 

Brides often ask why we limit the time for trying on dresses and the truth is, the longer you shop and the more gowns you see, the more overwhelmed and confused you become. We have a strategic process that our stylists follow in order to find your dream dress without trying on the whole store... which in our case, would be like trying on 4 stores in one! Our stylists KNOW the inventory so well that they will pick dresses based off all your communication and by connecting with your personality and vision. There really is a method to the madness!

'The process of elimination helps narrow the field of possibilities, focusing on your overall vision, your story, and key elements of the gown that flatter your shape and suit your personality, enhancing your ability to make a sound decision with joy and celebration.'

Brides quickly realize that our process works and that they feel fulfilled and productive at our store, not confused and indecisive. Obviously, if a bride is in the very early stages of looking for her gown, she might not feel ready to finalize her decision that day... so the aim of the appointment will be to determine what she likes so that we can narrow down styles. Ultimately, we want her to walk away with 2 favorites so that when she comes back in... she feels ready to make a clear decision. We would rather our brides come back for appointments fresh, rather than be in our store for hours on end trying on gowns, only to walk away feeling overwhelmed. 


Our top tips so that you can best prepare for your appointment are...


1) DO YOUR RESEARCH... Be prepared to show our stylists photo's of dresses you like the look of or the vibe you are trying to achieve. This will help our stylists to get a good idea of your vision and will help them in making your appointment as productive as possible. 

2) WEAR NUDE UNDERWEAR... Ladies! you are going to be trying on white dresses! So that you don't get distracted by a color undergarment... come prepared and wear nude underwear so that you can have more of an idea of how the dress will look and you won't get distracted by dark lines.

3) MAKE YOURSELF FEEL GOOD...whether that's doing your hair and makeup nicely or whatever it is that makes you feel good about trying dresses on! We want you to feel your best when you're trying gowns on

4) STAY HYDRATED... Trying wedding dresses on is no joke! (it really is a workout!)

5) BE CALM AND HAVE THE BEST TIME EVER! ... Enjoy every moment and soak up the whole process! Our stylists are here to solve any problems and want to make your experience the best of your life!