How To Match Same-Sex Wedding Dress Colors & Styles

How To Match Same-Sex Wedding Dress Colors & Styles

How To Match Same-Sex Wedding Dress Colors & Styles. Mobile Image

Apr 04, 2022

At Lovella Bridal, our wedding fashion experts have had the honor of styling many same-sex and LGBTQ+ couples for their wedding day. You may be wondering how to shop for wedding dresses and bridal attire as a same-sex or LGBTQ+ couple and you want to match or coordinate your outfit and fashion looks on the wedding day. Many same-sex couples want to coordinate their wedding fashion looks to complement each other and not clash, so today we're going to show you how find styles and colors that work together. We are here with all the tips and advice for how to make your wedding shopping experience fun and go smoothly if you're marrying someone of your same-sex.


In our experience, many same-sex couples want their wedding day outfits to complement each other, but not look too similar. Whether you are both wearing wedding dresses, or perhaps a wedding dress and a jumpsuit, a suit or a tuxedo, we have the tips you need for a coordinated wedding day look that isn't too matchy matchy, where both of you feel beautiful, confident, and amazing. 


Every engaged couple shopping for a wedding outfit is different and at Lovella Bridal, we have seen it all when it comes to our same-sex couples shopping for wedding attire. Whether you want to shop for your wedding day looks together or keep your wedding dress a surprise, we are here to help guide you through the process.


Video: How to Match Same-Sex Wedding Dress Colors & Styles

We know many of you prefer to get your wedding fashion advice in video form, so follow along below as our Wedding Fashion Expert takes you through all the tips for coordinating your wedding day looks as a same-sex couple. In this video, we want to help you and your partner coordinate your wedding day fashion no matter what you're wearing so that both of you feel confident and beautiful.



Shopping Together

Some engaged couples prefer to shop together and try on wedding dresses or wedding outfits together. This can ensure that the style of wedding dress, jumpsuit or tuxedo each bride chooses to wear on the wedding day will complement each other and not clash or overshadow. Shopping for your wedding outfits together can create a fantastic memory for you during your wedding planning process. It will also ensure the colors of the wedding gowns match and complement each other. We've talked about wedding dresses and colors before, so be sure to check that out if you have questions about what color wedding dress to order


We also have bridal outfit and dress designers that create custom tuxedos. So if one of you is looking for a jumpsuit or a tuxedo we can help coordinate your look to compliment your partner’s wedding dress style. No matter what combination of wedding day attire fits your style, shopping together will allow you to be sure that your wedding day looks are cohesive.


Shopping Separately


We have also seen same-sex couples that want to surprise their partners with their wedding dresses or jumpsuits on their wedding day. We completely honor this decision and love it when our brides do this. When you want to keep your wedding outfits a secret, we just have to get a little more creative in the shopping process. But don’t worry, we have tips for shopping for wedding day outfits separately too! 

If you have chosen to keep your wedding day outfits a surprise from your fiancé, then we have the advice you need for shopping separately, but still having a cohesive wedding day look. Perhaps you have different styles or just want a different wedding dress shopping experience and that is just fine. You can shop however suits both of you the best.


If you are shopping at two different bridal dress salons, we would recommend having the two stylists speak to each other. Have each of your wedding day stylists go over the wedding day looks together so they can make sure the colors and design scheme are matching.  


You can also appoint a friend that's mutual to both of you to tag along on each of your wedding dress shopping trips. That friend can help bridge the gap of separate appointments, but still ensure that the styling, the colors, and the design components will match and complement each other.  


If you are really concerned about your wedding day outfit matching and complimenting each other, then the safest way to go is for both of you to shop at the same wedding salon but shop at different times. You can still shop separately with different appointments and have the same bridal stylist help each of you. That way the bridal stylist will be able to guide each of you to wedding day attire that compliments each other for a cohesive wedding day look for both of you together.


Break the Fashion Rules

We also think it’s really cool for same-sex engaged couples to just do their own thing when it comes to their wedding day fashion! It’s completely okay if your wedding day outfits are not a perfect match. It can be very hard to get a perfect match on colors, especially if the wedding day outfits are coming from different designers and different manufacturers. Just think about how many different shades of white there are!


Even if you are choosing to incorporate other colors, like blush pink, nude, or champagne these colors are all in the same neutral color family as far as matching goes. Bridal gowns, bridal suits, tuxedos, and jumpsuits are usually all in the same general color family, so you don’t need to get fixated on it being a perfect match. Let your wedding day outfits showcase your personality! 


The most important part is to do what makes you feel beautiful and for your partner to do what makes them feel beautiful too. Everybody gets to show up on wedding day and zip up or button up, and just feel amazing to marry your person. That is what is most important! We are firm believers in not having too many fashion rules for the wedding day, and those rules can be broken. Fashion is an art form and you can play with it, especially on your wedding day.


In the end, there are no set fashion and attire rules for same-sex wedding couples. You should do whatever is best for each of you individually and do what makes you feel comfortable as a couple. Choose the wedding day attire that makes you both feel absolutely beautiful and confident.




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