How To Pick The Right Wedding Dress Store Or Boutique To Shop

How To Pick The Right Wedding Dress Store Or Boutique To Shop

How To Pick The Right Wedding Dress Store Or Boutique To Shop. Mobile Image

Dec 21, 2021

We're back with more wedding dress shopping advice for you today, plus a helpful video from our resident bridal stylist, Wedding Fashion Expert, with everything brides need to know about picking the right store or boutique to shop for your wedding dress. It can be overwhelming to find the right wedding dress and it all starts with finding the right store. The right store for you will make or break your dress shopping experience.


We have all the tips for you today to set you up for success to make finding your dream wedding dress an enjoyable and successful experience. If you're getting married and searching for your perfect wedding dress for your big day, you'll love today's tips, plus our video on how to find the right bridal dress boutique to shop for your wedding dress


Your Questions Answered


One of our real bride readers asked today's question about how to find the right store to shop for her wedding dress and avoid going to multiple wedding dress shops. She didn't want to go all over the place and waste tons of time going to multiple stores if she didn't have to.We completely understand and we don't want you to waste your time either! She wanted to know what to look for in a wedding dress shop and she wanted some tips from the experts on how to find the right boutique for her. 


Before we get into the tips, please know that we want to hear from you and to help answer your questions about the wedding dress shopping experience. If you have any questions at all, please let us know. Your question might be our next blog post and video!


Find The Right Inventory For You


Our first tip for finding the right wedding dress shop is to find a shop that has the right dress inventory for your style. By inventory, we mean the selection and the types and styles of wedding dresses that you think you might be interested in trying on. Look for a store that has enough of a selection that you think might fit your bridal style and personality.


It all comes down to picking the right shop with the right inventory with the right stylist to meet your needs. And, we're going to show you how to do that in today's post. 


At Lovella, we want you to have the best shopping experience possible. When you do your research to find the right bridal dress store with the right inventory with the right stylists for your personality, you'll be on the path to an amazing dress shopping experience.


Read The Reviews


In doing your research on wedding dress shops, it will be important for you to read through their online reviews. You'll want to find out other bride's past experiences and look for any red flags that doesn't align with your goals.


However, please take those online reviews with a grain of salt and don't put too much weight in the reviews. As you know from your other shopping and dining experiences, most people who leave reviews are either really happy or really upset. The truth usually lies right in the middle.


While online reviews of a dress shop can be helpful, just know that the reviews they don't tell the whole story of a wedding dress shop. 


Look At Their Social Media


As you're doing your research on wedding dress shops in your area, another place you'll want to look is at the shop's social media accounts. You can get a sense of how they work and the types and styles of dresses that they carry. You'll want to see if their styles match with your personality and the type of experience you had in mind.


However,  just like with the online reviews of a dress shop, you'll want to take their social media presence with a grain of salt. While it is important, a dress shop's social media accounts don't always tell the whole story of what that shop can offer you and the level of service they can provide for you. 


Consider Their Designers & Price Ranges 


One thing to consider when wedding dress shopping is, does the store have designers that appeal to you? As you're looking around at the different dress shops in your area, look to see if they have the dress designers that you think you might be interested in tying on. 


We want you to keep an open mind about trying on dresses of all shapes and sizes because you never know what will appeal to you. But, in your initial research phase, it is a good to find a dress shop that carries the look and style that you think you might want, and has enough options to satisfy you.


Pause Before Setting Your Budget


In addition to the dress styles that a shop carries, you'll want to find out if the store has the price ranges that you feel comfortable in. As you're just getting started in your dress buying experience, you might consider making an appointment to try on dresses, so that you can see the style, the fit, the quality and understand a little bit more how much wedding dresses cost and how far your spending will get you. 


Before you set a concrete wedding fashion budget, consider going into a store to experience first-hand the cost and quality of wedding dresses. You will learn so much simply by trying on a dress and experiencing the dresses first-hand before setting a firm bridal fashion budget.


At Lovella, we have such a large selection of wedding dress styles and designers, plus a large range of budgets, so it makes it easy for brides to come find their dream wedding dress with us.  

Look For Experience


In addition to the styles of dresses and the price ranges, you'll also want to consider the experience and the store itself. Is this a place that you want to keep coming back to over and over again? Will visiting this store be an enjoyable experience for you? You will have many appointments through out your entire wedding planning process, so your dress shop must be a place that you are excited to keep coming back to.


You'll have alterations appointments, you'll have bridal accessory appointments and many more appointments, so you want to feel comfortable with the store that you ultimately select. Be sure to ask yourself if you like the people and the environment before you settle on a wedding dress shop. 


Don't Be Afraid To Re-shop The Store Again


The more bridal dress stores you visit, you'll end up seeing the same dress styles over and over again. Visiting too many different stores will be unproductive for you and could be a waste of your time. If you don't find your dream dress on your first trip or your second trip, don't be afraid to re-shop or re-visit the same dress store again and again until you find the right dress for you. 


Most wedding dress shopping appointments are one hour long. At Lovella, we like to keep our appointments to one hour because after one hour we find that most of our brides become overwhelmed, confused and they can't remember what they have tried on. It is better to make another appointment on a different day to come back to the same store to try on more or different dresses than to keep going to new stores. If you keep going to new stores, you run the risk of having the same experience over and over again, which can be a waste of your time.


When you re-visit or re-shop the same wedding dress boutique, the stylist will mostly like bring out new options and unexpected styles for you to consider, this will help you to your goal of finding your dream wedding dress that makes you feel beautiful and confident. 


Remember, it is all about the quality of the store that you are shopping in for your wedding dress, not the quantity or total number of stores that you visit for find "the one" dress for your wedding. 


Bonus Tip:  Personality Matters


It is important to your overall wedding dress shopping experience that you get along with your bridal stylist or consultant at your dress shop. If you find that you're clicking with your bridal stylist at a store, but you love the store itself, do not be afraid to ask for a new stylist.


At Lovella, we want you to love your dress shopping experience as much as you love your wedding dress. If you and your bridal stylist are not a good fit personality-wise, for any reason at all, simply ask for a new stylist. We want you to be happy no matter, which of our many bridal stylists you shop with!


Video: Finding The Right Bridal Dress Shop


We know that many of you like to watch your dress shopping advice, so we made a YouTube video for you on how to pick the right dress shop. This has everything you need any more from our Wedding Fashion Expert. 


No Dress Is A Waste Of Time


Our last piece of advice for wedding dress shopping is to know that no dress is a waste of your time to try on. You never know what will look on you and make you feel beautiful until you try it on. It might be too sparkly or it might be too long, but there will be something that you learn from each wedding dress that you try on.


It is important that you try on as many different styles of wedding dresses so that you can learn more and more about what makes you feel your best.


As long as you have a positive attitude and an open heart and open mind, you will be on the road to finding your dream wedding dress.  


We loved talking with you today and giving you all the tips for finding the right store to shop for your wedding dress. We hope that you feel more comfortable about shopping for your dream wedding dress at the right store for you.


Remember, if you have any questions about the wedding dress shopping experience, please let us know. We want to hear from you! Also, you can check out our You Tube Channel for all things wedding dress shopping.


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