How To Take Care Of Your Wedding Dress On Your Wedding Day

How To Take Care Of Your Wedding Dress On Your Wedding Day

How To Take Care Of Your Wedding Dress On Your Wedding Day. Mobile Image

Nov 29, 2021

Is your wedding day fast approaching and you’re wondering how to properly take care of your wedding dress on your special day? Maybe you’re wondering if you need to hire a wedding day stylist or dresser to help you. Don’t worry, we have you covered with today’s wedding dress advice tips as well as a helpful video that will guide you and show you exactly how to take care of your dress so that it’s perfect for your walk down the aisle. We’re also going to walk you through what a wedding day dresser does and why it’s important for the bride to have a stylist on your wedding day.


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This question about wedding dress care on the wedding day came from one of our bride readers. She asked us for tips on how to take care of her wedding dress. Specifically, she wanted to know how to avoid harming the train of her wedding dress before her day.  We love questions from our bride readers. Please keep your questions on all things bridal style and wedding dresses coming. Let us know if you have any questions or confusion, we want to hear from you.

Video: Everything You Need To Know


Sometimes it's better to watch your advice, so we made a video for you with our best tips for how to take care of your wedding dress on your wedding day....

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Perfectly Prepped


First things first, if you want to know how to take care of your wedding dress before your wedding and on the day of your wedding, you’ll want to make sure that your wedding gown and bridal veil are perfectly prepped and ready to go.


It is important to make sure that your gown is properly steamed for the wedding day. You do not want wrinkles or creases in your wedding dress and proper steaming will take care of the wrinkles.


If you’re traveling for your wedding and your wedding dress shop does not offer steaming services, make sure that you check out our information on how to properly steam a wedding dress. This will show you exactly what to do so that your wedding dress looks perfect and wrinkle-free on the wedding day.


In addition to properly steaming, you will also want to remove static from your wedding dress and veil. Many brides often overlook the static that can build up in a wedding dress. You want to avoid having your wedding dress cling to you with static. For help on what to do about static, please make sure to check out our helpful information on how to remove static from your wedding dress and veil.


Have A Wedding Planner


It is so important for brides to have a wedding planner by their side throughout their wedding planning journey. Wedding planners know how to guide you in the right direction throughout the entire wedding planning process. From budgets to design to decor to timelines and logistics, wedding planners are invaluable throughout the entire wedding planning process and they are especially on the wedding day.


A planner is there on the day of your wedding to make sure that everything is running on time and on schedule and is there to deal with any issues that come up. However, your planner is dealing with your entire wedding day, from start to finish, and all of your other wedding vendors from florists to catering and transportation.


In addition to a planner, brides also might want to consider hiring a bridal stylist or wedding day dresser who is solely dedicated to them and the wedding party to make sure that everyone is looking good and feeling their best on the day of your wedding.


Day of Stylist Or Dresser


But what is a wedding day bridal stylist or dresser? In addition to a wedding planner, brides can also consider hiring a wedding day dresser or stylist whose entire job is to make sure that the bride and the entire wedding party is looking good and feeling beautiful. The stylist or dresser is there to make sure that everyone walks down the aisle feeling their best and to make sure that everything looks good for the photographs.


A stylist or dresser will make sure that your wedding gown is steamed properly and everything and everyone is in place. They will make sure that you and your entire wedding party look beautiful in every single photo.


Malfunctions and unforeseen things happen on the day of the wedding. A strap could break off, a zipper could break, a bustle could break, or someone spills on your dress. So much can go wrong on the wedding day. A stylist or dresser is there to take care of them so that you have a seamless day.


It is important to have a stylist or dresser there with you and your wedding party to make sure there are no problems. They will help with your different wedding day looks as well. For example, you might change your dress or take your veil off after the ceremony. They will be there to help you carry your train from photo to photo and different locations throughout the day so that nothing gets lost or ruined.


A stylist knows how to fix rips, remove stains and do the dress bustle properly. They will take care of any issues so that you don’t have to rely on guests, bridesmaids, or your planner who is focused on other things.


Displaying Your Gown


Many brides want to display their wedding dress for photos, such as hanging it on a beautiful hanger or putting it on a mannequin, or laying it out. Your wedding dress can make for some beautiful images, however, you and your photographer should be extra careful with your dress before you put it on.


Be careful displaying your dress as extra movements in the dress could stretch it out or cause rips or tears, especially if your dress has straps or illusion lace. If you hang it, use the inside straps.


Ask your bridal salon or stylist for the best ways to display your wedding dress before you put it on.


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