How To Travel With Your Wedding Dress

How To Travel With Your Wedding Dress

How To Travel With Your Wedding Dress. Mobile Image

Apr 12, 2021

With destination weddings becoming a thing again... it is ESSENTIAL that you know how to best travel with your dress. Here are the main ways to ensure that your dress stays safe and gets from A to B without getting at all ruined!


  1. DO NOT CHECK IT IN - Keep your dress with your hand luggage to avoid the risk of it getting either lost or ruined. Kindly ask one of the flight attendants if they have any wardrobe space, so that it can be hung properly! If that luxury is not available, gently fold the dress bag in half and place it in the overhead locker. 
  2. ADD EXTRA PROTECTION- Your dress with come with a gorgeous Lovella Bridal Cloth bag however, you will want to cover this again with a plastic dress bag to keep any potential light getting through to the dress and also to add an extra layer in case of spillages etc. 
  3. CONSULT WITH STYLIST- Different gowns require different aftercare so be sure to ask your stylist how best to travel with YOUR dress. 
  4. BUY A STEAMER- After consulting with your stylist on how best to travel with your gown, next ask how best to steam the dress once you arrive. Certain fabrics are best to avoid steam treatment but others will work perfectly fine! It all depends on the dress!


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