I bought a dress I thought I loved and now I'm not so sure

I bought a dress I thought I loved and now I'm not so sure. Mobile Image

Jan 30, 2021

Now more than ever, brides will question their wedding dress decision and ask themselves if it's still 'the one'. Items made to order always take time to deliver and in this case, it takes months for your wedding dress to be made and crafted perfectly to you. These months pass, giving you time to over analyze every inch of a photo, zooming in and picking apart any potential flaw. This is where our biggest piece of advice comes in... ALWAYS make the decision on your dress while you are IN it. Shopping for your wedding dress is like no other shopping experience... you try on gowns waiting to feel this overwhelming feeling of 'THIS IS IT!' when the truth is, not everyone reacts the same when they find their dress. Not everyone cries, not everyone jumps up and down with excitement!.. but when you find THE dress, you will feel beautiful, excited and have a sense of confidence that only you can feel when you are IN the dress. This is why we never recommend sleeping on a decision! Looking at photos will not remind you how you FELT while wearing the dress. 'When you leave the store after you've completed the purchase, you may no longer feel the emotional connection you felt when you looked at yourself in the mirror.'

Moral of the story... make the decision while you are in the dress and leave that decision at the store. If you feel at all nervous about your decision, call the store and ask if you can try the gown on again so that you can revisit that feeling that it gave you in the first place when you tried it on.