I want a custom made wedding gown...

I want a custom made wedding gown...

I want a custom made wedding gown.... Mobile Image

Mar 27, 2021

A question we get asked regularly at Lovella is 'I want a custom dress because i don't want to look the same as anyone else!... Do you suggest having a custom gown made?' Our answer will ALWAYS be... NO! 

Something as important as your wedding dress, you want to be able to at least roughly KNOW what it's going to look/feel like. You want to know how the fabric and design looks on your body! When you order your dress based on our stores sample, you will have had an experience of how the dress looks, falls and feels on YOUR body. Nayri, Wedding Fashion Expert says, 'Once your dress has been altered to your specifications or perhaps crafted in a different color from the sample you tried on, your dress could appear dramatically different than the exact same style ordered by another bride... When you order a custom dress, you may also experience that uniqueness, but you'll also have no idea what it is going to look like, let alone how it will fit.'

The most difficult part of customization is that what the bride thought she was getting and what the designer created are two different things. Often, we have brides come in to store looking to purchase a sample close to their wedding date as they were unsatisfied with the custom gown they were made. It is near impossible for designers to know EXACTLY what a bride wants if there is no sample to work from. To summarize, although we have had some amazing success in making certain custom changes on dresses, it is always the best option to just LOVE a dress exactly how it is and that you don't want to change. That way, you will have more of an accurate idea of how you will look on wedding day and for your expectations to be met exactly! 

Remember... how you STYLE your gown can make a dress appear totally different which makes it personal to you. It really is crazy how one dress can give so many different looks just dependent on which hair style, veil, jewelry and person who is wearing it! 








Credits: Wedding Fashion Expert