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Sep 18, 2019

Lovella Loves...

Registry, Revamped

For your wedding registry you can now request virtually anything. If youll never use a KitchenAid Mixer, skip it. More often we are seeing brides requesting everything from a first class plane ticket for the honeymoon, destination experiences or even a charitable donation. For the more traditional guests who liked to come gift in hand, we have some trendy ideas for you as well! Look at purchasing the couple practical items such oil changes for their car, grocery gift certificates and so on. Also, luggage is a super popular wedding registry gift this year and to add a special touch luggage tags with a little personalized touch.

We are going to share a few of our favorite trendy wedding registry gifts below! And you can shop with the links below!

    Shop Below! Callpack Luggage Set Smart home security system Aarke Sparkling water maker Dyson Humidifier  Pull-out cabinet organizer Air quality monitor