Most Common Wedding Dress Malfunctions!

Most Common Wedding Dress Malfunctions!

Most Common Wedding Dress Malfunctions!. Mobile Image

Jun 01, 2021

Wardrobe malfunctions are bad enough as it is... let alone on one of the most important days of your life wearing THE most important article of clothing you will ever wear! Unfortunately, they do happen now and again SO, we at Lovella Bridal have decided to step in to pre warn you of the most common malfunctions that could potentially happen on wedding day to shed some light for you future brides to hopefully prevent anything from happening on your special day. The main thing to be sure of is... IF something were to happen, have fun with it and know that you will not be the first bride to have a wardrobe moment not go to plan and don't let it ruin your day!... and here's the tip of the day...ALWAYS CARRY THAT MINI SEWING KIT!



Now this one, is probably one of the most common malfunctions that happen, especially if you choose to wear a long sleeve gown and plan on busting a move or two afterwards... Naturally, sleeves are so delicate, often being held with illusion material to achieve the sheer look. When brides have gone to hug guests, throw the bouquet or dance, the seam underneath the armpit is usually the first part to tear. The same thing goes for off the shoulder straps. Our biggest advice is, if you know you're the type of bride who wants total free movement to dance and not worry about the potential of any rips and tears, just be mindful when choosing your dress with this in mind. Wearing a strapless or spaghetti strap dress allows for the most freedom of movement. We supply all our brides with a little sewing kit so be sure to have it at the ready just incase!



Zippers breaking is not the manufactures fault! Often times, when a zipper breaks, it is down to user error! The key is to close the zipper slowly and softly with a minimum of 2 people helping! One person should close the fabric together to ensure nothing is caught in the zipper while, the other person zips up the gown. It may seem such an obvious thing to be saying but trust us! These gowns are delicate so you have to be careful and just take each step slowly! At Lovella Bridal, we ensure we video how to work the zipper properly at your final fitting, just to ensure that all involved know what they are doing. 



Bustles secure any extra fabric off of the ground and into the back of the dress to keep it from dragging across the floor all night. They are done in many different ways dependent on the shape of the gown and train length for example, loops with buttons or loops with string. Bustles allow for brides to dance and move more freely after the ceremony without tripping and to avoid people stepping on the dress as much as possible. That being said, it's almost impossible to go your whole wedding day without someone stepping on your train or bustle! It just comes with the territory of wearing a long gown. The first malfunction that happens is that people forget how to do the bustle... this is why we video EVERYTHING, zipper and bustle, so that there is no way that this can happen on wedding day! Secondly, someone may step on the bustle and rip the buttons or strings which causes the train to fall unevenly. ALWAYS have safety pins on hand so that you can quickly pin the bustle back up and call it a day! 


We hope that this was helpful information to know and now you can best prepare for anything that comes your way on wedding day! For more information like this and for more things bridal, subscribe to Wedding Fashion Experts YouTube Channel where you'll find new videos every Wednesday!