Sample Sale Secrets!

Sample Sale Secrets!

Sample Sale Secrets!. Mobile Image

Jun 15, 2021

So the first question we always get asked is, 'What IS a sample sale?' as they often get mixed up with a Trunk Show. A sample sale is where you are purchasing the gown off the rack which other brides have tried on in store. There are a number of reasons why bridal stores decide to part with a sample gown such as, the dress being discontinued, the need for space to cater to newer gowns and also the condition of a gown. One thing we always say at Lovella is, always be mindful that when you are purchasing a sample gown, remember that it will likely not be in perfect condition as it will have been tried on before by other brides HOWEVER, if you are the type of girl who loves a deal... the sample sale is perfect for you! There are a few top tips that we have for those of you thinking about purchasing from a sample sale...



1. Don't dry clean the gown!- We don't recommend this as you can ruin the gown. If you feel the need to clean, just spot clean the areas you wish.

2. Don't expect them to look brand new!- Remember that the gown will have been tried on before and may have things such as loose beads or lace however, the price will always reflect the condition of the dress.

3. Don't be too picky when it comes to alterations!- 

4. Make sure the fit is realistic!- Trust the expert who is helping you in your appointment as if you are many sizes bigger or smaller than the sample gown, it may be unrealistic to have altered and in doing so, may distort the dress. 

5. Every day is a sample sale!- YES! The BEST secret of them all! Although we dedicate days to sample sales, you don't have to wait for a dedicated day to purchase a sample gown and get an amazing deal!


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