Support Small Businesses! Guest Blog by Nayri - Wedding Fashion Expert

Support Small Businesses! Guest Blog by Nayri - Wedding Fashion Expert

Support Small Businesses! Guest Blog by Nayri - Wedding Fashion Expert. Mobile Image

May 16, 2020

Support Small Businesses

Guest Blog by Nayri - Wedding Fashion Expert
Welcome! I'm excited about my first guest blog post! For those who don't know me my name is Nayri also known as Wedding Fashion Expert. I have what I think is one of the best jobs in the entire world that I get to dress women for one of the most important days of their life! Literally the most important article of clothing, a woman ever wears. Thats my job! Growing up in a family of entrepreneurs I was raised and always encouraged to support and work for local businesses. My parents would be sure to take us to family-owned local toy shops, pets stores, restaurants, hotels, dance studios, tennis clubs, etc. During this time of COVID-19 where many brick and mortar businesses cant be open unless they are categorized as essential, I wanted to take a moment to share some of the small businesses I love and personally support. Lovella Bridal, a small business that has had the honor and privilege of making bridal gown dreams come true for over 49 years. We are grateful for all the love and support of our brides and their families. Lovella can and will only continue to be open and thrive with the support of our brides who trust us and purchase from us! Thank you for allowing us to be a part of such a special time in your life. A pandemic will not stop us from continuing to make bridal gown dreams come true for years to come! Thank you for your love and support of our business! We ask you to support small businesses like ours when you can so we can all stay strong and thrive regardless of the worlds climate. Wed also love to learn about small businesses you personally support! Let us know in the comments below businesses you think the rest of us should consider shopping! Please note: This is a list of mostly non-wedding related businesses. The majority of wedding vendors you work with are small business owners. When you get married you feed small businesses and their employees! Our next blog post will feature small business wedding owners/vendors and their advice to navigate planning your wedding during a pandemic!  XO,



Business Wedding Fashion Expert Loves (in no particular order):


Hair: Drew Danvers

Skin/Face: Facile Skin Dermatology Boutique Locations: WEHO & Pasadena, CA

Beauty Coaching/Skin Care/Make Up: Mags Cathey

Make-Up Products: Dose of Colors 

Nail Polish: Ella & Mila 

Tanning: Spray LA Glendale, CA & OATS Pasadena, CA

Fashion: Jade For All Seasons Personal Styling  | Naked Wardrobe Apparel  | Ring Concierge Jewelry


Mate Gallery Location: Online/Montecito, CA

If you follow me on Instagram you've seen my surfboard that I'm obsessed with! Purchased it from Mate Gallery! 

Flowers: BunchBox by Eddie Zaratsian


The Cure IV


Yoga Studio: One Down Dog Locations: Eagle Rock, Echo Park, Silverlake, CA *Virtual during COVID-19

Gym: The Lab SB Location: Santa Barbara, CA *Virtual during COVID-19

Work/Business: Open House Foto Lifestyle Videography & PhotographySimpson Portraits-Professional Headshots  Wearable Imaging Plan Chicly 

Bridal Gown Cleaners/Preservation: Wedding Gown Specialists - Locations: All Over! 

Equestrian Things: Stylish EquestrianDaMoor's Tack & Feed

Dog things: Dog is good & Frenchie Bulldog

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