The Complete Guide To Wedding Dress Pricing & Costs

The Complete Guide To Wedding Dress Pricing & Costs

The Complete Guide To Wedding Dress Pricing & Costs. Mobile Image

Nov 14, 2022

Are you shopping for your dream wedding dress and wondering how much does a wedding dress cost? How do the designers set their prices for bridal gowns? Why does one dress cost more or less than another wedding dress? If you have any questions about wedding dress pricing and costs you're in the right place with our complete guide to how much wedding dresses cost and how much to budget for your wedding outfit. This is everything brides need to know, direct from our bridal fashion experts and stylists at Lovella Bridal in LA. Our expert bridal stylist is going through several different wedding dresses in various price points and breaking doing each design and pointing out what impacts the price of each bridal gown.


The top questions brides shopping for their wedding dress have are always about pricing and the cost of bridal gowns. You have likely never shopped for a garment or an outfit like a wedding dress, so you are probably not sure how much you should budget for your wedding dress, nor do you have any idea about how much the dollar buys you when it comes to bridal gowns. It is all so confusing when it comes to wedding planning, but that's why we're here to help today and break down everything brides need to know about wedding dress pricing so that you can do your research and go into your wedding dress shopping appointments with confidence.


A Note On Dress Prices


Bridal fashion including wedding dresses and the outfits in between can range from more affordable to very luxurious, but rest assured that you will find a stunning bridal dress that is also within your budget. 

If you have been following our past posts about wedding dress pricing, you know that the bridal dress designers set the price point that bridal stores must honor when selling a designer’s collection. Many designers will offer wedding dresses at a range of prices and there are a few different elements that factor into the price of a wedding dress, including the labor and the time it takes to manufacture as well as the type of fabric and different embellishments used in the design, such as lace or beads or sparkle.


If you have a smaller budget for your wedding day look, don’t worry that you won’t end up in a gorgeous dress that you love. You may have to make some sacrifices when it comes to the amount of detailing or the quality of the fabric of your wedding gown, but you should not expect to be limited to plain dresses or dresses of a certain style.

We are going to be breaking down wedding dress prices and showing you examples of different bridal dresses are various price points to help brides understand what the dollar buys you, so you can be fully prepared to shop smart when it comes to wedding dress shopping.


Video: How Much Do Wedding Dresses Cost?


To see all the amazing wedding dresses that our Wedding Fashion Expert is showing off to give brides an idea of why wedding dresses have different price points, be sure to watch the full video to learn how much wedding dresses cost. In the video, Nayri tries on each wedding dress and explains why each dress costs what it costs and why certain wedding dresses are more or less expensive than others. If you're researching for your wedding dress, this is the best video for you to watch. 


Wedding Dresses For $2,000


At Lovella, the majority of our bridal dress collection is in the $2,500 range. We do have some wedding dresses that come under the $2,500 price point, but the majority of our wedding gowns begin at $2,500.


This particular wedding dress below is right at $2,000 and is a great value for the dollar. This Essense of Australia wedding dress with a full ball gown skirt has an embroidered bodice with beautiful beading and a sweetheart neckline. The wedding dress back and train features delicate buttons all the way down.


Details like beading and buttons will affect the price of your wedding dress. For instance, if the buttons are all hand-sewn, that will cost more than a wedding dress with mass-produced, machine-sewn buttons. If the bridal gown's bodice requires the beading to be hand sewn versus a piece of fabric that is made with the beading that needs to be attached to the skirt, that will also increase the price. A polyester blend fabric will be a cheaper option than a silk fabric. 



Wedding Dresses Just Under $3,000

The next wedding dress in our pricing series we are going to showcase is just under $3,000 and has a similar structure to the first wedding dress in the $2,000 price point. This Rita Vinieris wedding dress shown below also features a full skirt and sweetheart neckline but has a few extra details like the cut-out neckline and detachable tulle ruched long sleeves with button details.


At first glance, you may be thinking that this gown has fewer details and embellishments than the first dress. Remember that there is no hard and fast rule when it comes to wedding dress details and pricing. Just because a wedding dress has a seemingly simpler design does not automatically mean that it will be at a cheaper price point. The level of detail and craftsmanship are what factor into the price of a wedding dress. The fabric on this wedding dress is of a higher quality than wedding dress number one for around $2,000. The sleeves on this wedding dress require additional labor time, as well as the construction on this bridal dress will take more time, especially with a high-leg slit that takes time to detail. 

The back of the bridal dress features a low corset as well as buttons going all the way down the back and onto the wedding dress' train. All of these elements take additional manufacturing time which factors into the over all price of the wedding dress. 



Wedding Dresses For Around $6,000

The next wedding dress we are going to showcase in our bridal gown pricing series is right around $6,000 and this is due to the quality of the fabric and the level of detail. Like the last bridal dress in the $3,000 price range, this bridal gown is another fairly simple-looking wedding dress with not a lot of embellishment.

The first thing to note about this Ines Di Santo wedding dress is the fabric. This bridal dress is made of a silk fabric, so it is a higher quality than the previous wedding dresses we have discussed in the $2,000 and $3,000 ranges. Another factor leading to a higher price point for this wedding gown is the construction of the bridal dress. The fabric has been draped all the way around the bodice to the zipper point, leaving no side seams. 


The button details on the back of this wedding dress are all sewn on by hand. Each button is wrapped in fabric by hand and then sewn onto the wedding dress, rather than being mass-produced and sewn on with a machine. The level of work done by hand is another important factor that contributes to the price of a wedding dress. 


Another hidden detail in this wedding dress is a high-leg slit with a gorgeous piece of lace detailing that any bride wanting a little peekaboo moment will love for her bridal style!




Wedding Dresses Just Over $5,000

The next wedding dress in our wedding dress pricing series is a different silhouette than our previous dresses at the $2,000, $3,000 and $6,000 price points. This Martina Liana wedding dress is a more fitted, mermaid style of bridal gown. This beautiful bridal dress has a layer of sparkle tulle fabric underneath the overlay fabric that has intricate floral detail and some crystal beading.


You could certainly achieve this bridal dress look for less money, however, you are going to have fewer appliqués, less detailing, and a different type of sparkle fabric on the wedding dress. Just like one type of fabric is not necessarily better than the other, a wedding dress with more detailing is not always the best choice for each bride.


Brides may have to make some compromises with the level of detailing on a wedding gown, but you can achieve any look or bridal style you are dreaming of for your wedding day in any price range. 



Wedding Dresses Just Under $4,000


Staying with a similar strapless, fitted style as the last wedding dress in the $6,000 price point, this is another Martina Liana wedding dress that comes in just under $4,000, so is a bit less expensive than the last gown that we featured in our wedding gown pricing series, but still has amazing detail. 


This bridal dress does have less volume in the skirt and a smaller dress train than the previous wedding dress. This fabric is a beaded lace and does not have the crystal detailing that the last bridal dress had. It does have a sparkling layer, but it is a different type of sparkle fabric. When we compare the two side by side is when you can start to see the differences in what the dollar buys you in bridal fashion when we talk about fabric quality and amount of detailing on a wedding dress and why one bridal dress may cost more or less than another.



Wedding Dresses Over $10,000

This next wedding dress is a stunning design from Berta in a similar silhouette to the last two wedding dresses, but this bridal gown design comes in at a higher price point. This fitted, mermaid-style wedding dress with off-the-shoulder sleeves also has sparkle fabric and beading, but the fabric is very unique, which increases the price point of this particular bridal dress. This gown also features a lot of beading and intricate detailing, which requires more time for seamstresses to create. 


We don't have another dress in our bridal dress store that you could compare to this type of fabric, so you are also paying for the unique material and the pattern or design that has been used for to make this wedding dress. This particular bridal designer, Berta, oftentimes sketches the pattern of the lace or the design of the wedding dress and has the fabric custom-made for her, so there's a little bit more intricate detail design and thought that has gone into a bridal gown like this that will effect the price point of each wedding dress. 



Wedding Dresses Under $5,000


The next dress comes in under $5,000 and is a beautiful floral lace, trumpet-style wedding dress by Ines Di Santo. This is a different style of bridal dress than some of the previous wedding dresses that we're featuring on our wedding dress pricing series and features different fabrics as well. This particular strapless bridal dress has a top layer of fabric that is beaded lace that's all throughout the dress and then underneath it has a Chantilly Lace layer that really adds dimension to the dress. 


This wedding dress is very comfortable and extremely lightweight and airy, making it perfect for a beach or summer wedding. 



Wedding Dresses For $8,000


This next wedding dress in our wedding gown pricing guide to help brides educate themselves on wedding gown pricing is for our glamorous brides who want a lot of sparkle and a dramatic wedding day look. This Berta Privee wedding dress has a very unique fabric with beading, pearl details, and a corset bodice. 


This bridal dress is great for any bride wanting to show off her figure while also having a ball gown feel with the tulle overskirt. This particular overskirt is not detachable like some other wedding dresses. 



Wedding Dresses Under $3,000


Our next wedding dress in our pricing series is staying in the glam bridal style lane with another all-over sparkle design. This Jolie Bridal wedding dress is slightly under $3,000 and is a great value at that wedding dress price point. This bridal dress has some lace detailing throughout the bodice and sparkle fabric. You will likely notice that it is a different type of sparkle fabric than the previous sparkle wedding dresses. 


This bridal dress has some fun tulle bows on the shoulder straps. If that’s not your bridal style, they could be removed to just have spaghetti straps or you can easily make this style a strapless wedding dress. Keep in mind that alterations on a wedding can work magic! If you find a dress that comes in under budget, you may be able to change the sleeves or neckline to truly make it the wedding dress of your dreams. 


Wedding Dresses For $10,000


The next wedding dress is a sparkle ball gown from designer Berta. This gorgeous wedding dress is priced right around $10,000 and this is due to the amount of sparkle and embellishment.


A good rule of thumb when it comes to wedding dress pricing is that the more sparkle and the more embellishment you have, the higher the pricing is going to be. 



Wedding Dresses For $3,000


This wedding dress by Rita Vinieris is right around $3,000 and is a great bridal dress for brides looking for a sophisticated, modern wedding dress. We are stepping away from the sparkle for a satin wedding dress fabric with a bit of drama at the bottom with this gorgeous tulle ruffle train. 



Wedding Dresses For $10,000


A similar style to the last wedding dress, this dress comes at a higher price point. This particular wedding dress is an Ines Di Santo exclusive design for Lovella Bridal and is a silk organza fabric, which is a higher quality than the last wedding dress. 


This dress has a lot more detail at the bottom in the ruffles and a longer dress train than the last wedding dress. All of these details are also hand-done which adds to the higher price point of this particular wedding dress. 



More Helpful Wedding Dress Shopping Advice


We hope that you found this wedding dress pricing guide helpful and makes you more prepared to budget for and shop for your wedding dress or bridal outfit. For more helpful tips, be sure to check out these recent advice posts:



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