The New Wedding Fashion Trends Brides Need To Know

The New Wedding Fashion Trends Brides Need To Know

The New Wedding Fashion Trends Brides Need To Know. Mobile Image

Oct 31, 2022

Are you getting married and shopping for your wedding dress, but want to know what is new in wedding fashion? Do you want to know the hottest new wedding designs and trends that will be in bridal dress stores and walking down the aisle? Well, if bridal fashion trends are your “thing,” you're in the right place. Today, we’re sharing the hottest, most amazing new wedding dress, fashion and bridal accessory trends straight from the runway and the wedding dress designers. If you’re on the hunt for your dream wedding dress or you want to pull your whole wedding day bridal style together with an amazing (and sparkling) bridal accessory, this post is for you! 


It’s that time of year when our bridal stylists head to New York City for what is known as “Bridal Market.” Nayri, our Wedding Fashion Expert, is here sharing with us the best trends in wedding fashion that she personally spotted at this year’s Bridal Market. From the royals making a comeback with sparkling crowns and removable elements for a quick wedding day outfit change, brides shopping for a wedding dress will want to pay attention this year's hottest wedding dress trends.


What Is Bridal Market?


Bridal Market is where bridal dress shops and stores from all over come to New York City in search of the best and newest wedding dress designs to carry in their stores. During Bridal Market, the wedding dress designers show off their new wedding dress designs and collections as well as new bridal accessories. The bridal stores are able to see all of the new wedding dress designs and styles in one spot and then they are able to decide which of the sample wedding dresses they want to buy and feature in their shops for you to try on. 


If you’re shopping for your wedding dress, you’ll want to note that the wedding dresses that are shown from the designers during Bridal Market are not in stores just yet and available right away for you to try on. If you see a wedding dress that you love during Bridal Market, you might have to wait a few months before you can physically try on a sample of a new bridal dress design in a bridal dress store. After Bridal Market when the dress stores place their sample dress orders, the dress designers must go back to their studios and make the ordered wedding dress samples. This sample wedding dress production takes time, which is why it can take a few months for the sample wedding dresses to arrive in each store. If you're on the hunt for a certain bridal dress or a certain wedding dress designer, you’ll want to call ahead to each shop to make sure that they have the sample inventory of wedding dresses available in-store for you to try on. 


For more and all things wedding dress shopping, be sure to read our advice on bridal dress shopping etiquette.


And, without further ado, here are the hottest wedding dress trends that we spotted at this year's bridal market. This is important information for brides shopping for a wedding dress to know because they will eventually see these new trends and styles in the stores at their appointments.


Trend #1:  Gloves Were A Huge Hit


Are you thinking about gloves for your bridal style? Short and long, gloves for the bride to complete her wedding day style were a huge hit at this year’s Bridal Market. Gloves might be an unexpected bridal accessory, but they are certainly making a come back and are on trend for upcoming weddings.


Many of the wedding dress designers featured gloves to compliment their newest bridal dress designs. Gloves on your wedding day can be an amazing and unexpected accessory for the wedding ceremony and formal wedding portraits and then brides change up your wedding day look and take off the gloves for the reception and post ceremony parting! 


Trend #2:  Minimalist Bridal Dress Style


It was all about minimal and modern wedding dress style at this year’s Bridal Market. Think satin, taffeta and wedding dresses without lace or too much over-the-top sparkling detail. Wedding dresses with clean lines and effortless, structural looking details were present in many of the newest wedding dress designs walking down the bridal runway. 


The new minimal wedding dress designs were anything but boring with elegant detailing, incredible draping and incredible fabrics.


Trend #3:  3D Floral Detail & Laces


If feminine is your preferred bridal style, you will be right on trend with the 3D floral lace wedding dresses walking the bridal runways at this year’s Bridal Market and fashion shows. Many of the wedding dress designers featured 3D floral and textured lace that gave their new wedding dress designs interest and that extra special detail. 


If you’re wondering what is 3D floral lace on a wedding dress, you’re not alone in asking this question. Many brides wonder what is 3D floral lace. 3D floral lace on a wedding dress refers to a dress with 3D details, meaning the lace or the design elements are raised from the wedding dress fabric. 3D floral lace is not a smooth fabric and perhaps the flower petals on the lace flutter when the fabric moves or the lace flowers are raised a bit and are not flush with the fabric. 


Trend #4:  Detachable Sleeves & Overskirts 


At this year’s Bridal Market, we saw lots of detachable components on the newest wedding dresses to allow brides to change up their bridal look throughout the wedding day. The wedding dress designers are featuring detachable or removable sleeves and overskirts on their wedding dresses giving a bride style options on the day of her wedding.


We love a second look for a bride or a reception wedding dress. With a wedding dress with detachable elements, such as removable sleeves or a removable overskirt (or both) a bride is able to get a 2-in-1 wedding dress look. A bride can wear the sleeves and/or the overskirt for the wedding ceremony, and then take off the sleeves and/or the overskirt to reveal a completely different bridal look perfect for the reception. 


Trend #5:  Lots Of Crowns


Queen Elizabeth II of England has recently passed and her royal impact on bridal style was very evident at this year’s Bridal Market. Wedding fashion is having a royal moment with lots of bridal crowns and sparkle on the newest wedding dress designs at this year's Bridal Market. Much like Kate Middleton's long sleeve lace wedding dress impacted, wedding dress designs for many years to come. So, too with the Queen's passing will have an impact on bridal style. 


The regal bridal style is having a major impact on the bridal fashion runway and many wedding dress designers and bridal accessory designers at Bridal Market were featuring sparkle details and crowns of all sizes and styles. Expect to see brides walking the aisles with crowns for many years to come!


More Helpful Wedding Dress Shopping Advice


We hoped that you love our newest trends in wedding dresses that we spotted at this year's Bridal Market in New York City. If you're interested in any of these new wedding dress trends, be sure to check out the websites of the bridal dress stores in your area or call ahead to make sure that the stores have the sample inventory in-stock for you to try on. For more helpful tips, be sure to check out these recent advice posts:




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