Tips For Celebrating With Alcohol During Wedding Dress Appointments

Tips For Celebrating With Alcohol During Wedding Dress Appointments

Tips For Celebrating With Alcohol During Wedding Dress Appointments. Mobile Image

Mar 06, 2024

If you're thinking about popping the bubbly during your wedding dress shopping appointment to try on (and hopefully find!) your dream wedding gown, you'll want to pay close attention today. We're sharing our expert bridal stylist tips that we know firsthand for brides who want to celebrate and drink alcohol in a bridal salon during an appointment. Getting engaged and planning a wedding brings a lot of fun and celebration. There are so many moments of joy and moments to celebrate during the wedding planning process. One of these big moments to celebrate is finding your dream wedding dress. Oftentimes brides will have family or friends with them when shopping for their wedding dress and everyone wants to celebrate when the bride says yes to the dress.


When it comes to celebrating finding your dream wedding dress, there are a few important considerations to keep in mind. You want to be sure to celebrate responsibly so you can make the most of your shopping appointments while still having fun and enjoying the moment. We will share our best tips when it comes to celebrating with alcohol during your appointments to try on wedding dresses.


Video: Dos & Don'ts of Celebrating with Alcohol During Wedding Dress Appointments


If you are a bride who is getting ready to shop for your dream wedding dress, don't miss our advice video all about the dos & don'ts of celebrating with alcohol during wedding dress appointments. You'll want to be sure you and your guests are ready to celebrate responsibly and ensure you make the most of your wedding dress shopping appointments.



Choose Guests Wisely


Wedding dress shopping can bring up a lot of emotions. Brides are often nervous or feeling a bit anxious about the process but are happy and excited as well. Their guests are excited for the bride to be and want to celebrate. They may show up with champagne for the occasion or maybe your crew wants to go to brunch before your shopping appointment to start off the day with mimosas or bloody Mary’s.


Our bridal consultants at Lovella have seen it all over the years and have some tips to share that brides should keep in mind and be aware of when wedding dress shopping, particularly when it comes to alcohol and celebrating. There are some do's and don'ts to follow so that you have the best experience possible. As we all know, alcohol everybody handles their alcohol differently and when there is consumption in the beginning of an appointment or prior to your appointment starting, things can escalate as the appointment goes on.


This is something to be particularly mindful of if you know a certain friend or family member does not handle their alcohol well. Everyone can be sipping champagne and enjoying the process, and then someone gets rowdy. Comments can be made that might be hurtful to the bride as she is trying on dresses and it just doesn’t make for the most productive environment. As the bride, you want to be really focused on the dresses you are trying on.


To have the best experience while wedding dress shopping, you want to have supportive people around you. We recently shared our thoughts on who to bring with you to your wedding dress shopping appointments, and adding alcohol to the mix can be an extension of who you invite along with you. A wedding dress shopping trip can easily turn into a little party as champagne is being sipped and conversations start flowing. You might not be paying enough attention to each wedding dress you try on as you should.


Check With Your Store


You should always check with your bridal store before your appointment to see what rules there may be that you need to follow. A lot of stores do not allow beverages as it puts the dresses at risk. Champagne and other drinks can be easily spilled and can stain the dresses which damages the store’s inventory. Champagne stains fabrics horribly and even if the dress gets cleaned, that dress is pretty much ruined. This will in turn effect other brides’ experience when they come to try on dresses in the future.


Toast and Celebration


Our best recommendation is to save the toast and celebration for after you've said yes to the dress. This keeps everybody sober, everyone  really mindful of their words and thoughts, and also allows you to be really clearheaded and able to make a decision. The wedding dress shopping process can be really overwhelming. You might try on three dresses on and all of a sudden by the third dress, you forgot what the first dress looked like. This scenario happens all the time. Emotions are high and sensory overload can happen.


Having a sober mind can just help you better make decisions and really tune in to which dress is best for your wedding day. You also won’t have to worry about any alcohol induced opinions coming at you and you’ll have clear memories of the experience.


Once you’ve found your dress, if the bridal store allows it, share a toast with your guests and celebrate finding your dress and the incredible moment. Or better yet, head to your favorite bar or restaurant and toast to checking off one big item on your wedding planning checklist!


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