Tips For Wedding Dress Shopping With Opinionated Family & Friends

Tips For Wedding Dress Shopping With Opinionated Family & Friends

Tips For Wedding Dress Shopping With Opinionated Family & Friends. Mobile Image

Jan 20, 2022

We are back today to discuss more wedding dress shopping logistics. Specifically, if you're shopping for your dress with opinionated friends and family members, you'll want to pay attention today. We're giving you our best advice for how to find your dream wedding dress when you have lots (and lots!) of opinions from family and friends around with you. It can be tough to make a bridal dress decision with so many opinions and voices in your ear, especially if those opinions are loud or unwanted. With today's shopping advice here and a video, we are going to give you all of the tips on shopping for your wedding day look and bridal style with the dynamics of opinionated guests along for the ride. 


Shopping for a wedding dress is no doubt one of the most exciting parts of planning your wedding. You will be excited to share this monumental experience with your closest friends and family, but there may be some people you feel obligated to invite to your dress shopping appointment or people who will not share the same opinion as you in regards to your bridal style and wedding day fashion. Have no fear, we are here to help with tips and tricks for dealing with these differences in opinion.


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Just remember, at Lovella we are your partners in finding your dream wedding dress. We want to do everything we can to make your dress shopping experience stress-free and also to help you find your dream dress. We have so many helpful blog posts and videos. Before we go on, make sure that you check out our advice post on logistics for wedding dress purchasing such as who is paying and ordering questions


If you have any questions about shopping for a wedding dress, please get in touch. You could be our next blog post or video!


At Lovella, we see many groups accompanying our brides at their wedding dress shopping appointments. Perhaps you have a controlling family member who is outspoken and wants to control the situation and what you're wearing, or maybe your best friend is going through a breakup and you’re getting married so this situation is hard for her or him to celebrate you, or you just have a family member who shares a different vision for your wedding day than the story you want to tell on your special day.


We have seen it all and know you want these special people to be a part of your wedding dress shopping experience even if their opinions are not aligned with yours. We are here to help navigate these complicated situations. 


Protect Yourself


You may feel obligated to include a particular person in your wedding dress shopping experience that you may not include during other decisions about wedding planning. If it is a bridesmaid or your BFF, or a family member, like a cousin, or a parent, this particular person may really impact your shopping process and cause a lot of complications when it comes to finding your wedding dress.


We see this a lot at our wedding styling appointments at Lovella. We want you, as the bride, to be mindful of certain opinions that you know you're going to get. You know the dynamics between your friends and family the best, and so you need to protect yourself. Be mindful of potentially unhelpful opinions before you even start shopping, so that you can protect yourself in the end.


Take care of yourself. Pay attention to what you need and what would make you the happiest, even if means not including those unhelpful opinions from the start. Just remember, there are many other ways to include family and friends in your wedding planning process. Although finding your wedding dress is an exciting part of the whole experience of planning a wedding, it isn't the only way to invite the opinions of others. 


Limiting Guests


If you want to exclude people from the decision-making while picking out your wedding dress, then Covid and the need for social distancing now makes that easy for you with the limitations on the number of guests you can bring to your wedding dress shopping appointment.


Many wedding dress shops, including us here at Lovella, must limit the number of guests permitted at a dress shopping appointment. Make sure that you check your shop's rules on guests before inviting anyone and everyone. When you want to limit opinions, you can use the shop's policies to your advantage.


The Bride’s Secret


We’re also going to let you in on a little secret from our Wedding Fashion Expert’s book that we call "the bride’s secret." This is our best tip for how to deal with unwanted or potentially unhelpful opinions when wedding dress shopping.


If there is someone you don’t want to include in your wedding dress shopping appointment, you can just say that you are not showing anyone your wedding dress until the wedding day. You want it to be a surprise - your fiancé will be surprised when they first see you in your wedding dress, and so will all of your wedding guests. Simply put, you want your wedding dress to be a secret. 


We want you to take the "bride's secret" and use it if you need it. This is your special day, so protect yourself and this moment so you can experience all the joy that you can have during the wedding dress shopping experience.


Use Your Stylist


The stylist at your wedding dress shop or boutique is on your side. Let them help you navigate loud and unwanted opinions. After all, our only goal is for you to be happy and to feel beautiful in your wedding dress.


As wedding dress stylists, it is our job to not only help you find your dream wedding dress but also to know that you have to have certain people at your wedding dress shopping appointment. We want to know that there is no way to exclude them and they may be over-opinionated and overbearing. We are here to help understand what it is that they want for you and what you want for you. We can and will be able to help you seamlessly blend the many opinions so that everyone is happy.


As wedding fashion experts, we are only as good as how much you communicate to your bridal stylist and share with us the dynamics of your group.


That may mean calling the bridal shop ahead of your appointment. For example, you could share that you want to include a certain person in the wedding dress shopping experience, and they can be x, y, and z, but their opinions don’t impact me, so please help me work alongside them. Communicate to your bridal stylist and bridal dress shop what your needs are and the dynamics of your group so we can better serve you and strive for an enjoyable and drama-free wedding dress shopping experience for everyone involved. 


We know dynamics and relationships can be so complicated. Protect yourself and help yourself have an enjoyable wedding dress shopping experience by communicating with your dress shop and bridal stylist. We are on your side.


Video: How To Deal With Unwanted Opinions When Wedding Dress Shopping


We know that you love our helpful wedding dress shopping videos. We have a helpful video from our Wedding Fashion Expert giving you all of our tips for dealing with unwanted opinions when wedding dress shopping



We're Here For You


Shopping for your wedding dress with many unwanted opinions can be confusing and very challenging for you as the bride. Finding a dress can be hard enough, plus planning your wedding in general and then you add in lots of extra opinions and it can feel overwhelming.


Just remember that our team at Lovella and the bridal stylist at your dress shop is here for you. Our goal is to not only help you find your dream wedding dress but to also help make this an enjoyable process for you. 



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