Top 7 Wedding Dress Trends Spotted at New York Bridal Fashion Week

Top 7 Wedding Dress Trends Spotted at New York Bridal Fashion Week

Top 7 Wedding Dress Trends Spotted at New York Bridal Fashion Week. Mobile Image

May 08, 2024

If you are a bride who is ready to shop for your wedding dress, particularly any brides getting married in 2025 or even 2026, you are probably curious about what is trending in bridal fashion and what types of dresses to expect to see when you shop for your wedding dress. Our wedding fashion expert recently attended one of the most anticipated events of the Spring season, New York Bridal Fashion Week and we can’t wait to share with you all of the trending designs and fashion for brides.


If you are a bride who wants to know what will be trending with new wedding dress collections, follow along as we share some of the most exciting new bridal fashion trends. The top seven wedding dress trends we saw on the runways for the spring and summer 2025 collections are: Basque waist wedding dresses, drop waist corset wedding dresses, halter necklines, textures, silver beading, slits, and mini wedding dresses.


These exciting wedding dress trends can be expected in bridal stores in the spring of 2025. Just like we always encourage brides to order their wedding dress about a year before their wedding, these new wedding dress designs also have to be ordered by bridal stores for their inventory. The bridal stores ordering these new designs are in the same position as a bride is, waiting about 6 to 8 months for a wedding dress to be manufactured. Since wedding dresses are made to order, they can take a long time to come in after a store places an order for new inventory. For this reason, many designers will offer their new designs for bridal stores to host a trunk show so that brides can “pre-shop” the new collection. This is a great way for brides who want to take advantage of new trends and designs to try on and order a new wedding dress before they may be in stock at your local store. Follow along as we showcase some of our favorite new wedding dress and bridal fashion trends.


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If you are a bride who is getting married in 2025 (or even 2026) and are shopping for your wedding dress, you won't want to miss our recap featuring the top 7 wedding dress trends straight from the runways of New York Bridal Fashion Week. We're featuring all of the best new wedding dress designs from top bridal designers for their spring and summer 2025 collections. 



Trend #1: Basque Waist Wedding Dresses


The first trend we saw spotlighted at numerous runway shows at New York Bridal Fashion week were Basque waist wedding dresses. A Basque waistline is a bit lower than your traditional waistline, creating almost a v-shape from the hips in and downwards. This creates a focal point at the center of the body and helps give the appearance of an elongated frame while visually narrowing the waist. This was an especially popular detail on A-line and ball gown wedding dresses which added to the more dramatic look and fullness of the wedding dress skirt.


Trend #2: Drop Waist Corset Wedding Dresses


The next bridal fashion trend we saw on the runways was drop waist corset wedding dresses. Now these are similar to a Basque waistline, but as we mentioned above, the Basque waist dresses have that sharp “v” that goes down the midline to slim the waist and elongate the body. A drop waist wedding dress will not have the super defined “v” that the Basque waist dresses have, but the corset will still help narrow the look of the body. A wedding dress with structure like a corset bodice can help brides feel a bit more “held in” to their wedding dress while also defining the waist.


Trend #3: Halter Necklines


Speaking of structured silhouettes, the next bridal fashion trend we saw hitting the runways and showrooms in New York were halter necklines. Bridal designers got creative with their halter necklines, with lace detailing and appliqués. In our experience, halter necklines can be hit or miss with brides. Some think that a halter neckline makes their shoulders look more broad, and other brides who may have a longer torso really like the look of a halter neckline as it can give a slimming effect. It will all depend on your body’s proportions and what look you like on your figure.


Trend #4: Textures


The next bridal fashion trend we are excited about is the use of texture in wedding dresses. There are so many ways that bridal designers can manipulate fabric and embellishments to create some really fun and unique textures. From layers of tulle or organza being manipulated in playful ways to the use of feathers and 3D flowers, this is one trend we are excited to see brides take and make their own.


And the textures did not apply to just wedding dresses! We saw playful and unique textures being used in bridal accessories too, like wedding veils and bridal capes. This can be a great way for brides to add a playful element to their wedding day look and really personalize their style.


Trend #5: Silver Beading


Bridal fashion trend number 5 is also, in our opinion, a bit controversial among brides like halter necklines are. The next bridal fashion trend we saw across multiple runway shows was silver beading. The level of detail and intricate embellishment that many bridal designers achieved with silver beading was truly beautiful. Some brides don’t like the look of silver beading as they think it can look more gray in photos and video, so it will be important to see what you think of silver beading while looking in the mirror and also in photos when you are trying on wedding dresses.


We tend to like the look of silver beading on wedding dresses as it adds a lot of depth and dimension and has a great sparkle effect when seen in person.


Trend #6: Slits


This next bridal fashion trend is not going to be for all brides and that is wedding dresses with slits. We understand that a wedding dress with a slit is not going to be for everyone, some brides want to be more modest, but the use of slits in bridal fashion was big on the runways this year. If you are a bride who wants a bit of a sexy and fun touch to your bridal look, a wedding dress with a slit could be a great option for you. It could also be a great option for a rehearsal dinner or a reception bridal dress or a dress for your wedding afterparty. These types of dresses tend to be easy to move around in and can be a fun peek-a-boo moment for a great pair of bridal shoes!


Trend #7: Mini Wedding Dresses


The last bridal fashion trend we want to highlight from New York Bridal Fashion week is mini wedding dresses. “Little White Dresses” are only growing in popularity over the last few years as brides want to customize their wedding day look and have a fun and playful dress to dance the night away in! These short wedding dresses are also great for a courthouse wedding or elopement and even your bridal shower and rehearsal dinner. A mini dress is a great option for brides who want to really be able to move around on the dance floor during their wedding reception and wedding after party but also still look like the bride.



More Helpful Bridal Fashion Advice


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