Should I Try On Wedding Dresses Before Being Engaged or Having a Wedding Date?

Should I Try On Wedding Dresses Before Being Engaged or Having a Wedding Date?

Should I Try On Wedding Dresses Before Being Engaged or Having a Wedding Date?. Mobile Image

Nov 20, 2021

Are you wondering if you should go wedding dress shopping, but you aren't engaged yet or you haven't picked a wedding date? If you're wondering when you should start trying on wedding dresses, you're in the right spot. Today, we're talking about what to do if you are so excited to try on wedding dresses, but you haven't settled on a wedding date yet or maybe you aren't engaged yet. At Lovella Bridal, you know we love helping brides find their dream wedding dress.


You're so excited to go dress shopping, we completely understand! It is super fun to try on dresses and feel special. Also, we're sure that you have lots of questions about wedding dresses and maybe you want to do research and see what is out there and what looks good on your body. In this post and an amazing video from Nayri, Wedding Fashion Expert, we're talking about what you should do if you aren't engaged or you have not picked a wedding date, but still want to go wedding dress shopping.


Are You Ready To Buy?


Our best piece of advice is to go wedding dress shopping when you're ready to buy. If you're not engaged yet, but you're ready to purchase your wedding dress, then you should go dress shopping. If you haven't picked your wedding date or found a venue yet, but you're ready to purchase if you find the one wedding dress of your dreams, then you should go dress shopping. 


We want to set you up for success during your wedding dress shopping, not a disappointment. If you find a dress that you love, but you aren't ready to order it at the time you try it on, it might be unavailble when you come back and are ready to order. Plus, the wedding dress shopping experience is surprising for so many of our brides. It ls not uncommon that a bride will come in and fall in love with the first dress that she tries on on her first trip out to go dress shopping. 


We want you to find the wedding dress of your dreams. We recommend that you try on wedding dresses when you're ready to purchase and order. It can take six months to a year for wedding dress to be ordered and made for you. It is best to go wedding dress shopping when you're ready to buy your dress, because if you find "the one" we want you to be able to order your dress and have it in time for your wedding.


Video: Dress Shopping Before Engagement or Wedding Date


We made a video for you walking you through the entire process for what to do if you want to try on wedding dresses before you are engaged or you have a wedding date


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A Dress You Love


Regardless of wedding venue or the season that you're getting married in, we always recommend that you get a wedding dress that you love no matter what. We often see brides who try to match their wedding dress to their venue, the season or the theme of their wedding, however this is a mistake because sometimes wedding locations and seasons change. You don't want to be stuck with a wedding dress that you don't love if your location or season changes. 


At Lovella, we encourage you to find a wedding dress that makes you feel beatiful, a wedding dress that you love. If you have to change your wedding venue or if you have to move your wedding date, you will still love your wedding dress no matter when you're getting married. 


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