Valentines Day Date Ideas!

Valentines Day Date Ideas!

Valentines Day Date Ideas!. Mobile Image

Feb 13, 2021

Whether you're the kind of couple that likes to celebrate Valentines Day or not, it really is an excuse to spend some quality time with your partner and do something that makes both of you happy. It really is a crazy time right now where booking a last minute holiday for valentines seems a once distant memory... but actually... if you spin the positive, it has been a time of reflection and a time of learning to love and appreciate the small things. Now, we know you have probably spent ENDLESS time together since we can not go out as much these days and tracksuits and pajamas have become the new jeans! (We can not remember the last time we got dressed up and put a pair of heels on... how about you?!) SO, make the most of this valentines day and organize a day or night for both of you to look forward to! Below are Lovella's top ideas of how you can make this years Valentines Day special...


1) Plan a special meal at home - Make the effort and choose recipes that you both love and cook together! It's always one or the other who cooks, so why dont you do it together! 

2) Make an 'at home spa' Run a nice bath and use your favorite bath salts or bubble bath and soak together sipping on some bubbly! Light some candles and set the mood. 

3) Movie night and your favorite snacks - There really isn't anything better than getting cosy watching a classic movie with your favorite sweet treats! 

4) Plan a cute hike - Get in the fresh air and spend that quality time catching up without your phones! So often we get caught up glued to our phones and forget to actually just engage in conversation with our partners! 

5) Road-trip - Blast your favorite songs! 

6) Share your favorite photo's and videos from your relationship - This is always a cute thing to do to make your partner feel appreciated and loved! Go through and share your favorite memories with each other. 

7) Hire a chef - If you're feeling more boujee and want to make things extra special... hire a chef to cook for you whilst you both sit back, relax and enjoy each others company!