Wedding Gown Advice: How Much Should I Budget for My Wedding Dress?

Wedding Gown Advice: How Much Should I Budget for My Wedding Dress?. Mobile Image

Mar 11, 2020

Wedding Gown Advice: How Much Should I Budget for My Wedding Dress?

Tips from Nayri, Wedding Fashion Expert

"Budgeting for your wedding dress is hard to establish before seeing what the dollar buys you." If you are unfamiliar with the cost of bridal gowns you can browse our designer section here to check out what different price points certain designers fall into. The bride's stylist needs to know how much she is willing to spend. "Notice, it's not how much you CAN spend, but rather how much you are WILLING to spend." Many brides often get offended by this question because they feel they are being judged or that it may limit their gown options. Sometimes stylists end up in situations where the bride believes that saying she has no budget will mean more dress options. When in reality, this makes things extremely difficult for the stylist to adequately help. One very important component is to show your stylist inspiration photos of dresses you love. So if the bride has told her stylist there is no budget and then shows her inspiration photos, the stylist may end up pulling a dress that costs $12,000+. This gown fits the bride perfectly in all the right places, is exactly what she was envisioning, and she loves it but in reality, only wants to spend $4,000 on a dress. Since she has already fallen in love with this dress it would be very difficult finding another gown that is actually in her price range because she will already have the thought of this gown in her head when seeing other options. This is why it is so important to try on gowns in a price range that you are comfortable with! 

"Our main goal is to guide you to the perfect dress at the perfect price point so there is no heartbreak. For this process to be fun and exciting, you want to be honest with your stylist with those components, what appeals to you, and what you're willing to spend so that he or she can best serve your needs and not under-deliver or disappoint."

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