Wedding Advice: Who should i bring with me to my appointment?

Wedding Advice: Who should i bring with me to my appointment?

Wedding Advice: Who should i bring with me to my appointment?. Mobile Image

Jan 16, 2021

People assume that it's an easy decision to pick who to bring to your wedding dress shopping appointment... but don't be fooled! It really is a tough decision and should be more thought out than it sometimes is! This choice is personal but our advice is to think long and hard as it really can make or break the experience! Nayri, also known as Wedding Fashion Expert explains, 'You want to bring those who understand and share your vision for your big day! If you don't have a vision yet, include those who know you best so they can help in the process of building your vision.'

Often at lovella, we see brides bring guests and while this is a beautiful experience of which you want to share, it can often result in confusion and conflicting opinions which don't necessarily match how the bride feels in the gown. The most important part of dress shopping is...How does the bride feel in the dress?! If SHE feels beautiful and confident, the opinion of others shouldn't sway her differently!

We totally get it... you may feel obligated to invite certain guests who you absolutely adore but just don't share a similar vision of the attire or aesthetic you want to achieve for your wedding day. There are still ways to include those you love without creating frustration for you or hurting their feelings. 

Interestingly, due to current times and how the ability to bring numerous guests to your appointment is a distant memory due to COVID... it has actually created more clarity for brides during their experience as they are forced to think more about how THEY feel in the dress, instead of the feelings of others! Way to spin the positive! 


Credits: Wedding Fashion Expert