Wedding Dress Shopping During A Pandemic

Wedding Dress Shopping During A Pandemic

Wedding Dress Shopping During A Pandemic. Mobile Image

Apr 01, 2021

Well, we never thought we would be writing a blog like this... that's for sure! BUT, that being said, we have all been learning to adapt and make your wedding dress shopping experience exactly what you always dreamed of and more! At Lovella, we have actually found positives (we promise you!)  in some of the changes that we have had to make in-store to keep the environment safe for everyone. Here are just some of them!;


  • Only being allowed 3 guests maximum. This has actually proven to be hugely beneficial... let us tell you why! Pre Covid, the bride was allowed to bring as many guests as she wished to her appointment at Lovella. Now, while this is great to enable everyone to feel a part of the wedding dress shopping journey... the more people, the more opinions = a very confused bride. What we have noticed in-store is that, with fewer guests, brides have been able to make clearer decisions on what THEY love and not what other family/friends love. Don't get us wrong... it is so special to have lots of people involved in the process however, we have seen a shift in how we can actually make this process more enjoyable for everyone involved. If a bride feels like she needs more than 3 guests at her appointment, our stylists always suggest FaceTime or zoom meetings so that everyone who wants to can be involved and feel a part of the journey. OR, a bride is more than welcome to come back and play dress up whenever she wants in her dress to show other family members and friends. Bottom line, we have found that brides are significantly happier and more decisive with fewer guests and able to truly align with her vision and not that of others. 
  • Wearing a mask. WE KNOW WHAT YOU ARE THINKING... How am I meant to love a dress and be able to properly visualize myself while wearing a mask?! What the mask actually does, is allow you to focus SOLEY on the dress and the details FIRST. Often, brides get distracted by hair and makeup detail first before properly analyzing the dress. If you LOVE the dress while wearing a mask... you'll love it EVEN more without it. 


SO, before you get sad about the potential of missing out on the full experience of wedding dress shopping... rest assured, you will have the BEST experience at Lovella! We will make sure of that. We love dressing our brides in the MOST important article of clothing they will EVER wear and our biggest mission is to make that journey the most enjoyable and memorable!


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