Wedding Dress styles, shapes & silhouettes!

Wedding Dress styles, shapes & silhouettes!

Wedding Dress styles, shapes & silhouettes!. Mobile Image

Jun 03, 2021

We totally understand that it can be overwhelming when it comes to choosing which shape, style and silhouette you want to go for on wedding day! 'What shape suits me best?' 'What are all the different shapes and styles?!' are just a few of the questions you will be asking yourself. Rest assured... you are not alone! When it comes to wedding dress silhouettes, the options are pretty vast! From mermaid to ball gown, to everything in-between, it seems that new terminology keeps getting added to the list, making it a more daunting task to understand and learn for new brides to be. Some will say to do your research and learn about different looks, but here at Lovella Bridal, we actually think the opposite! We believe that brides don't need to know all the terms and names of different shapes at all! in fact, this actually can become very limiting when it comes to trying on dresses! Brides can become fixated on particular shapes and forget the endless options available to them to try and see what works on their bodies. We're sure you've heard many brides say, 'omg what I thought I would end up with actually ended up being something totally different! but I LOVED it!'  This is classic example of having trust with the experts and communicate absolutely everything so they can best guide you to your dream dress! Often, stylists will get a vibe and feel for your personal style and end up pulling something you wouldn't of thought but it ends up being complete magic!


Our advice is to try on different shapes and silhouettes on your first appointment so that you get a feel for what you love on YOUR body! Everyone is different and where dresses hug the body can be different on different body shapes. That is the beauty of the process as one dress can look totally different on multiple different people! Nothing is off limits and every appointment is different, this is what makes our jobs so much fun! 


We thought we would include a few snapshots below of the most common gown silhouettes to give you a baseline piece of knowledge, but believe us when we say it... don't get too fixated! 






'Wish' By Ines Di Santo


A-line gowns are fitted through your natural waist and then flare out softly to create an "A" shape (hence the name). This silhouette creates a romantic and soft shape, giving a fairytale vibe without all the volume. This gorgeous gown by Ines Di Santo captures the whimsical feel perfectly with the soft lace tulle and floral detailing. 


Ball Gown



Martina Liana Luxe Style Number LE1117


This stunning ball gown really shouts fairytale princess! The corset structure really gives the waist that snatched feeling, which really enhances the body shape. Ball gowns are fitted through your natural waist or your hip and then flare out dramatically for a lovely hourglass effect. 





Berta 20-01


Mermaid-style gowns are fitted through the bust, waist and hips, and then flare out at the knee. This Berta gown presents stunning soft 3D floral appliqué paired with elegant lace which makes for a sultry style that truly shows off the figure. One thing to be mindful of is, this style can be named with other terms such as 'fit and flare' so in repetition to above, don't pay too much attention to the names, focus on how the dress fits your body.





Stephen Yearick Style Number 88014


This beautiful beaded gown by Stephen Yearick is an example of a 'Trumpet' style gown as the skirt flares at the thigh to elongate the legs. A tip for mermaid, 'fit and flare' and trumpet gowns is to be mindful that different dresses will fit bodies differently depending on your height etc. For example, if you have long legs and a shorter torso, the skirt may hit you higher up the leg however, on someone who has a longer torso and shorter legs, the skirt will hit lower down the leg... you get the picture!





'Madeline' by Ines Di Santo


Column and sheath wedding dresses fit very closely to the contours of the body. This style has a straight skirt that skims the body. This elegant simple gown by Ines Di Santo contours the body perfectly as it softly hugs the waist and hip and naturally falls in to the skirt. This wedding dress silhouette is simple, yet undeniably stunning.



For more examples and to see these styles in action, subscribe to Wedding Fashion Expert's YouTube Channel where she breaks down all things bridal fashion!