What are the latest trends?!

What are the latest trends?!

What are the latest trends?!. Mobile Image

Feb 08, 2021

Beginning the New Year always poses new questions from brides coming into the store… ‘What are the latest trends for 2021?’ and ‘What are designers doing which is new this year?’ are just some of the MANY inquests we get here at Lovella. So… due to high demand, we thought we would give you some insight into some of the KEY new features we are seeing in bridal fashion going into 2021. 


Number 1: Puffy Sleeves

We all know what you're thinking... puffy, oversized sleeves give such an old school vibe HOWEVER, no matter how new or fresh a design is... it has most likely been influenced by past trends from 'way back when'. The puffy sleeves are officially back in full force with brides incorporating their own personal style to make this look work for them. So this makes sense... some brides are down to be bold and extravagant where the bigger the sleeve the better, which does look totally epic giving a real victorian-inspired look BUT, to some brides, a more subtle take on the trend is favorable. In which case, softer, less structured fabrics and lace are used to create a more romantic, softer style. With this trend, there is a gorgeous sense of nostalgia and you can make it work for you! You can be daring and dramatic or subtle and elegant. This trend is diverse and can create a real fashion forward look down to a more whimsical romantic one. 




Number 2: Square Necklines

The square neckline is a key feature we are seeing in new designs coming through 2021. This neckline is elegant and elongates the body making you appear longer. Super flattering and feminine, the square neckline is definitely a more modern trend which can be adapted depending on the look the bride wants to achieve whether thats a simple clean look, or more of a dramatic detailed one. Below are a few images of dresses we stock here at Lovella! 




Number 3: Linear Lines & Geometric Fabrics

Designers are creating designs that differ from flower and lace detail by making more geometric designs using intricate beading and varying fabrics. This creates a more modern style and is used to contour the body through illusion and the placement of the beading and design. The examples below (all dresses we stock here at Lovella) highlight these key features. 










Credits: Wedding Fashion Expert | Berta | Leah Da Gloria | Ines Di Santo | Rita Vinieris