As Seen On Brides: What Shopping For A Plus-Size Wedding Dress Is Like

As Seen On Brides: What Shopping For A Plus-Size Wedding Dress Is Like

As Seen On Brides: What Shopping For A Plus-Size Wedding Dress Is Like. Mobile Image

Aug 15, 2022

Are you a plus size bride and frustrated with shopping for a wedding dress? Perhaps you are you a curvy, full figure bride and can't seem to find a wedding dress sample that fits your body type? Maybe you are a plus size bride and are unsure of where to start when it comes to shopping for your bridal gown. Well, you're in the right spot today because we are bringing you some insider knowledge from a real, plus size bride who shares her wedding dress shopping experience. 


Lovella Bridal was recently honored to help model Catie Li shop for her dream wedding dress. As a plus-size bride, Catie knew this shopping experience could be stressful. She shared her wedding dress shopping experience with in hopes of helping other curvy brides be prepared for this important part of wedding planning. We are happy to share some of her best tips for wedding dress shopping as a plus-size bride and be sure to read her full article, What Shopping for a Wedding Dress is Like as a Plus-Size Bride in the digital issue of BRIDES.


Before we dive into all of the great advice from Catie, make sure you check out our free Wedding Dress Shopping Checklist so you know exactly what you need to bring to your wedding dress shopping appointment. Now let's get into all the tips our plus-size brides need to get ready to shop for their wedding gown. 



Do Your Research 

Catie got engaged two years ago and says "just like every other bride, the planning and daydreaming quickly began. I was in the living room throwing out ideas with my fiancé when suddenly the thought of my wedding dress came to mind. I immediately started to dread it. It wasn't going to be as easy for me. I knew I wouldn't be able to just walk into a bridal shop and try on any dress I would like. I knew I had to do my research to find out who sold plus-size dresses." 


As a plus-size bride, it unfortunately is going to be a bit harder to shop for your wedding dress. Wedding dress sizes are very different than everyday clothing sizes. No bride, no matter her size, is going to fit into the sample size wedding gowns perfectly. That is why wedding dresses are ordered based on your body measurements and altered to fit you in the best possible way. As a curvy bride, you need to do a little extra work and research before going to a wedding dress shop. You'll want to find out which stores offer an inventory of plus size wedding dresses and how large their collection is. 


Video: What To Expect In Bridal Stores As A Plus Size Bride


At Lovella, we've talked quite a bit about shopping for wedding dresses as a plus-size bride. We have a few helpful videos from our Wedding Fashion Expert for you. For more tips and advice on researching bridal stores and being prepared, be sure to check out our advice video all about What to Expect In Bridal Stores When Shopping for Plus Size Wedding Dresses, below. 





"With the current demand for inclusivity, I assumed that there had to be something out there. 'It can’t be that difficult,' Catie thought." The bridal fashion industry is playing catch up with size-inclusive wedding gowns, much like the traditional fashion world.


At Lovella Bridal, we are proud of our plus-size wedding dress collection and are working with our designers to grow our collection as quickly as we can so we can offer more sizes and styles for all brides. We never want our plus-size brides to feel not taken care of and want them to have a positive experience while wedding dress shopping.



Be Prepared 


Catie made an appointment to shop for wedding dresses at a local bridal dress shop, and brought along her mother and future mother-in-law. She says, "As a model, I knew to come prepared: I bought three different types of shapewear and a strapless bra. I had previously selected dresses I liked with the bridal shop through their online portal, which meant they would be ready for me when I arrived. As it turned out, only one dress was in my size. The rest I would have to squeeze into."


We always recommend to brides to do a little prep work before their wedding dress shopping appointments. Look at the inventory and styles offered at the bridal store, whether that is on social media or their website, and pick out a few wedding dresses you like as a starting point. As you try on wedding dresses, each gown leads to the next and helps narrow down to the perfect style for you and your wedding. You can also call the bridal store to see what sizes their plus size sample gowns are. Tell them your street clothes size, and ask if they have sample gowns that will work with your body. They will be able to point you in the best starting direction. Also know that bridal consultants have many tips and tricks up their sleeves to help you into the sample gowns. Coming prepared with shapewear is a pro-level tip! 


For more tips on what to expect during your wedding dress shopping trip, be sure to read our post on Bridal Store Etiquette so you will be fully prepared and know what to do and what not to do during your wedding dress shopping appointment, including scheduling tips, who and what to bring, and why you should always be on time. 


The Lovella Experience


After an unsuccessful first bridal dress shopping trip, Catie found Lovella Bridal and worked with our Wedding Fashion Expert, Nayri, to find her dream wedding dress. 


"Out of all the bridal shops I visited, Lovella provided the experience I should have received all along. [Nayri] listened to what I was looking for, and not only did every dress she had me try actually fit, but I loved each and every option." 

"Although Lovella has a healthy selection of plus sizes, I can't help to think why not more? Everyone is worthy, no matter what size they are. We all deserve to have that special moment trying on and searching for our wedding dress. I mean, it is one of the biggest days of our lives, right?"


We could not agree with you more Catie, and that is why Lovella is committed to working with our wedding dress designers and expanding our plus-size collection of bridal gowns! We believe all brides, no matter what size they are, deserve to feel beautiful and confident on their wedding day. 


Video:  5 Questions To Ask As A Plus Size Bride


For our curvy and plus size brides that are unsure of where to start their wedding dress shopping journey, be sure to check out our advice video that will give you the Top 5 Questions To Ask As A Plus Size Bride When Wedding Dress Shopping. With our tips, you will be fully prepared to go out and find your dream wedding dress! 



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