What Style Wedding Dress Should You Wear If You're Insecure About Your Arms

What Style Wedding Dress Should You Wear If You're Insecure About Your Arms

What Style Wedding Dress Should You Wear If You're Insecure About Your Arms. Mobile Image

Dec 28, 2022

Are you a bride ready to shop for your wedding dress but worried about how your body will look in a wedding dress? Are you especially worried about how your arms might look when wearing a bridal dress? You are not alone! Today, we're going to talk all about the best wedding dresses to wear for brides who are uncomfortable or self-conscious about their arms.


At Lovella, one of the most common insecurities we hear from our brides is about their arms. Everyone wants to look beautiful on their wedding day and if you are insecure about your arms, it can be hard to feel confident. This is especially true when you are the center of attention, which you will be as a bride on your wedding day! 


We are going to talk about what styles of wedding dresses you should wear if you are a bride who is insecure about your arms. Our tips and advice will help all brides feel confident and ready to walk down the aisle feeling amazing. 


Most Common Insecurities


As bridal stylists at Lovella, we hear all of the concerns from self-conscious and worried brides. The most common insecurities that our brides have are their arms and their belly. This is of course a generalization, but the arms and the belly are the areas of the body that we hear the most brides say they are self-conscious about and want to cover up on their wedding day. For more help, be sure to read our post on how to overcome being self-conscious of your stomach for the wedding day.


When brides come into the store to shop for their wedding dress, they will often tell their bridal consultant that they do not like their arms and want to make sure to choose a wedding dress that covers their arms. They want to feel beautiful in their wedding photos and are not happy with how their arms look in photos. We totally understand this concern and we know that everyone has something they might be self-conscious about. We are here to help brides overcome their common insecurities and help them find their dream wedding dress. 


What Style To Choose


It is very common to hear from a bride who is self-conscious about her arms to want to choose a wedding dress with sleeves or an off-the-shoulder style dress to help cover up and hide their arms. If only the solution to insecurity about your arms was a simple answer. There is no magic formula to what style of wedding dress will make your arms look good and make you feel comfortable. 


The reason why there is no magic fix or a particular style of wedding dress that makes arms look good on the wedding day is that it’s all about perception. The way your arms look is all about your perception and how you feel about them. What makes one bride feel confident about her arms isn’t going to mean that all brides feel beautiful and confident in that certain wedding dress silhouette. We would encourage you to try on many different styles of wedding dresses because you never know what style you will love until you try it on. 


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Try Different Styles


Since there is no magic formula or one certain wedding dress style that will make all brides feel secure about their arms, be sure to try on many different types of wedding dresses. When you go shopping for your bridal dress, be sure to try on wedding dresses with sleeves, off-the-shoulder styles, and even strapless designs. You never know what style or silhouette you are going to end up falling in love with.

Keep in mind that wedding dresses often don’t have “hanger appeal.” Being on a hanger in a bridal store just doesn’t often do wedding dresses justice. They need to be worn on the body to fully see and appreciate the wedding dress' design and all of the detail of each gown. 


Take Photos


One of the most important pieces of advice we can give to brides who may be insecure about their arms or another part of their body is to take photos when trying on wedding dresses. Be sure to bring along someone you trust to take good photos and have them take photos and even videos of you in each wedding dress. Look at the photos while you are still in and wearing the bridal dress so you can see how it compares to what you see in person. 


Take a moment to see and assess how you feel in the bridal dress and then see how that translates to a photo. You want to make your decision about which wedding dress to purchase while you are in and wearing the wedding dress. If you look back at the photos later to make up your mind, you are going to forget how you felt while you were in the dress. You may have felt your most confident while in a certain wedding dress, but that might not always translate to a photo. Maybe the lighting was bad in the photo or taken at a bad angle. 


Wedding Dress Sleeves


While many brides might think they should opt for a wedding dress with sleeves, you should know that wedding dress sleeves can have a tendency to draw more attention to your arms than simply cover them up. Sometimes the long sleeve achieves what you're looking for in a wedding day look, depending on the way the sleeve is designed and sometimes brides find that the sleeves don't work for them.


Sometimes wedding dress designers do a thicker piece of lace and then narrow it out as it gets down your arm and that's very slimming and flattering. It all just depends on the design of the sleeve so keep this in mind when shopping for your wedding dress if you are insecure about your arms. 


Don’t Stare

Our last tip for brides with body insecurity when shopping for their wedding dresses is to not stare and fixate. If you only look at the area you are self-conscious about, whether that be your arms or belly or butt, whatever it is, you are going to miss out on the overall picture. We know that it is hard to try something on and to look in the mirror and not immediately look at your “problem area.” We are all guilty of this and it is a hard habit to break. 

When you catch yourself fixating on the arm or the part of you that you are insecure about, be sure to close your eyes for a moment and take a deep breath. When you open your eyes and look at the full picture, you might be surprised. Oftentimes when you're looking at things from a micro perspective and you're only looking at the arms, you’re not going to pick the dress that overall looks stunning on you. Don’t forget to take in the full vision so you can find the wedding dress that makes you feel beautiful and confident. 


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