What to Do if Someone You Know Has the Same Wedding Dress Style As You

What to Do if Someone You Know Has the Same Wedding Dress Style As You

What to Do if Someone You Know Has the Same Wedding Dress Style As You. Mobile Image

Apr 12, 2022

Imagine you are attending a wedding with your fiancé and are awaiting the bride’s entrance at the wedding ceremony. Everyone is excited to begin the celebrations and for the bride’s big outfit reveal. Here she comes down the aisle, and she is wearing the same exact wedding dress that you plan to wear down the aisle on your own wedding day! While this might sound like a nightmare and not possible, this scenario does happen. In fact, brides choosing the same dresses and wedding day outfits happens more often than you might think. Today, we're going to give you our expert advice on what to do when someone you know wears for their wedding the same exact bridal dress as you. 


While it is not ideal for someone you know to wear the same exact wedding dress as you, there is no real way to prevent it from happening. But, if you choose the same bridal dress as someone else don’t panic! We are here to give you peace of mind and tips for setting yourself apart on your wedding day so that you feel confident and amazing.


It’s no real surprise that friends in the same group or friend circle could end up saying "yes" to the exact same wedding dress. You likely have similar tastes and could gravitate toward the same wedding fashion looks. You probably aren’t going to share what wedding dress you purchased with every person you know, so it could happen that someone you know ends up with the same exact wedding dress as you.

Having the same bridal gown as someone else could lead to some stress as you have spent considerable time trying on dresses and waiting months for your perfect dress to arrive after ordering your dream wedding dress. As wedding fashion experts, our bridal stylists at Lovella Bridal have seen the same bridal dresses on hundreds of brides and it’s incredible how different one wedding dress can look on different people. So take it from us, this is nothing to stress over and we're going to help!


Body Types

You would be surprised at how different a sample wedding dress looks on all the brides that try it on in one day. We see many brides in one single day and have often seen one wedding dress purchased more than once on the same day. The same wedding dress might highlight one bride’s amazing curves, or maybe the neckline accents another bride’s shoulders and arms. It is incredible how the same bridal dress can look so different on different people and body types and have a different effect. 

Even if you have a similar body type to the bride who chose the same wedding dress as you, you are different people and the wedding dress will look different on each of you. The same wedding dress often looks like a completely different dress on different brides. Body proportions, height, and the way you hold yourself and walk will all make the wedding dress appear different for each of you. 


Bridal Styling

How you style your wedding dress can also be a great way to set yourself apart if someone you know wears the same wedding dress as you. Also, how you choose to do your hair and makeup are likely going to be different from another bride with the same wedding dress as you. You will have different bridal accessories as well. Whether that be jewelry or a bridal veil, these items are easy ways to alter your wedding day look and make it unique to you. 


You could also style the wedding dress itself in a different way. Perhaps it’s a fitted wedding dress and so you could add an overskirt to the dress it to give the dress a completely different look. Straps or some sort of sleeve or even illusion neckline could be added to a strapless bridal gown and will really change up the feel of the dress and give you a more custom look to help make the dress different from someone else. 


Even the overall look of your wedding day will add to you looking different in the same wedding dress. From the decor that you have chosen for your wedding, to your wedding photographer’s style of capturing the day, and even how formal your wedding will be should be taken into account if you're worried about someone wearing the same wedding dress as you.


Shopping Tips

Another scenario that could happen is you fall in love with a wedding dress during your bridal dress shopping appointment that you know somebody else has already bought and their wedding hasn't happened yet. Maybe you want to ask their permission to order the same wedding dress, or maybe you don't care that it’s the same bridal dress as someone you know. No matter what you decide, all brides deserve to wear the wedding dress that they feel the most beautiful in. 


For any brides out there that are maybe upset that the bridal store sold their wedding dress to someone else, please know that this is out of our control. We have so many different bridal stylists and so many brides coming into the shop. There’s no way for a bridal dress shop to control who is buying what wedding dresses. A bridal dress store would never be able to keep track of who knows who.


While we can’t ever tell you exactly what a specific bride has purchased, if you ask your bridal stylist, they may be able to lead you in another style direction if you want to avoid possibly choosing the same wedding dress as someone you know. 


Video: Someone Else Wore My Same Wedding Dress Style - What Do I Do?


You might prefer to get your wedding advice in video format, and if that is the case, you won't want to miss this week's advice video. Our Wedding Fashion Expert is giving you all the tips on what to do if someone else that you know has the same wedding dress style as you.  


One Last Thought

While we don’t think this issue of someone else you know wearing the same wedding dress as you is one that should cause panic or the need to go out and buy a new wedding dress, you have to do what feels right for you. If you think a new wedding dress will be best for you and make you feel the most comfortable, then you have to follow your heart.


Before you order a new wedding dress, please know that we see this scenario happen more times than you would think, and most often wedding guests don’t even recognize that their two friends had the same wedding dress. As we've said, wedding dresses look unique and completely different on different body types and there are many things you can do in the styling to personalize your wedding dress. 


Take our bridal dress shopping advice and tips to create a wedding day look that represents you as an individual. Whether that is done through alterations or bridal accessories, know that you will look beautiful in your dream wedding dress no matter what. 



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