What to expect during the alteration process...

What to expect during the alteration process.... Mobile Image

Jan 23, 2021

The alteration process of your wedding gown will be unlike anything you have experienced before! We've all had clothes altered, whether that be, shortening a pant or sleeve...this process is somewhat different and requires the craft of specialized seamstresses. Wedding dresses contain such intricate details such as lace, layered textures, beading and so much more! 'Altering a wedding gown requires a specialized level of expertise to ensure the best possible fit given the unique elements of the gown and body type...The specialty of creating the perfect fit is truly an art form. The artistic knowledge coupled with technical capabilities are key components in ensuring impeccable fit while upholding the aesthetic look and design of the gown'

Our biggest advice to our brides when they are ordering their gown, is to order the size that allow for proper alterations so that we can achieve the best possible fit without limitations. In other words...it's better to take in than to let out. Our stylists will be sure to guide you perfectly through this process! The alteration process is the most important step to making sure your dress fits perfectly on wedding day! Be sure to bring the exact shoes you will be wearing so that all measurements can be exact! Most importantly, trust our talented seamstresses! At Lovella, we are SO lucky to offer in house alterations, meaning that your dress will be in our care from the beginning, right until you walk down the aisle!