When Should I Order My Bridal Accessories & Veil?

When Should I Order My Bridal Accessories & Veil?

When Should I Order My Bridal Accessories & Veil?. Mobile Image

Feb 03, 2022

We're back with another wedding dress shopping advice post, but today we're not talking about wedding dresses (Gasp, I know!), we're talking about everything else but the dress. We're giving you all of the advice on when to order or purchase your bridal accessories, including your bridal veil, earrings, headpieces, jewelry, bridal crowns, and more. There are many other pieces and accessories that go into your bridal style in addition to your bridal gown. We're going to give you all of the information that you need to know for a stress-free wedding planning experience by ordering and purchasing your bridal accessories at the right time, so there's no drama.


We recently covered when to start shopping for your wedding dress and gave you all the tips for ordering your wedding dress. But, we know that no bridal style is complete without at least discussing the veil and accessories. We are back with more ordering advice from our Wedding Fashion Expert and we are covering all things bridal accessories and veils! You'll learn everything you need to know about bridal accessory ordering lead times and logistics when to order your wedding accessories and veil. If you need more, be sure to watch our video on when to order your bridal accessories and veil


Our bridal stylists at Lovella love to help our brides complete their wedding day look! From veils and crowns to earrings and bracelets, we have all the bridal accessories at Lovella that you need to complete your wedding day look. Once you have picked out your dream wedding dress, the fun accessorizing can start. Here is everything you need to know.




We've talked before about how long it takes to order a wedding dress and how far in advance their wedding brides need to start shopping. To recap, before we start talking about the accessories, it is important to know that wedding dresses can take six to eight months, even up to one year for your dress to arrive in our store after you place your order.  Luckily, bridal accessories have a shorter wait time than the wedding dress.


Bridal accessories can take up to four to five months to order. This means that after you place your order and make your purchase at a dress shop for your bridal accessories, such as your veil, it can take up to four to five months for your accessories to arrive in the store for you. 


Keeping accessories ordering timeline and delivery dates in mind is important while planning your wedding day bridal look.


Do Not Delay Ordering


We see many brides who delay or put off ordering their bridal accessories. For example, they just want to get their wedding dress ordered and checked the dress off of their wedding planning to-do list. They don't have the mental space or time to focus on the accessories. They will focus on the dress first and once the dress is ordered then they will focus on the accessories.


They think they can wait on bridal accessories because they just won’t take as long as the wedding dress to arrive in the store, Maybe think they can even walk out of the bridal store that same day with their accessories. This is a mistake.


Wedding dresses typically arrive in the dress shop two to fours months before your wedding day so that the alterations process can begin before your wedding. If you wait to order your bridal accessories until after your wedding dress has arrived, you will be limited in the options available to you, epseically since accessories take four to five months to arrive. 


We always recommend ordering your wedding dress and bridal accessories all at the same time as you order your wedding dress. Do not delay or put off ordering your bridal accessories. It creates more confusion and stress in the end.


Ordering Accessories While Wearing Your Dress


Our biggest piece of advice for bridal accessory shopping and ordering is to choose your wedding day accessories, including your veil, while you are in your dream wedding dress! Yes, while you are wearing the wedding dress that you're going to order for your big day, we want you to pick out your bridal accessories at the same time.


You want to make bridal accessory decisions while in your wedding dress, so you can see your whole bridal style and wedding day look together. We recommend trying on accessories at your initial dress shopping appointment when you make your dream wedding dress purchasing decision, Do not wait until after you order your wedding dress, such as when you come back to the shop for alterations. Order your wedding dress and your accessories at the same time.


Let’s say you’ve said "yes to the dress" and have ordered the perfect gown for your wedding day and you want to wait a few months and come back to choose your bridal accessories. What happens if the bridal salon sells the sample wedding dress before you come in to choose your veil? You will not be able to pick your bridal accessories while in the dress and you won’t be able to see the overall wedding day look all put together at once. 


You will be stuck choosing bridal accessories while disconnected from your wedding dress. This is a situation we want all our brides to avoid going through. You run the risk of not matching fabric colors or beadwork when you can’t try everything on all at once. 


Avoid Ordering Mishaps With Your Veil


Specifically, when it comes to the bridal veil, it will be so much easier and less stressful to order your wedding veil while you are wearing the wedding dress you will order. There is so much that goes into finding a bridal veil that coordinates with your wedding dress and makes you feel confident and beautiful. For the veil, you'll want to consider color, hair, body, dress length, train's width, lace, beadwork and so much more.


It is always best to order your bridal veil while you are wearing your wedding dress.


We have had brides in the past call and ask us at Lovella for information on how long their wedding dress train is so that they can match their veil. However, there is a lot more than just length that goes into choosing a wedding veil. The width of a wedding veil, especially for a cathedral length veil, is also important. 


You can find less expensive bridal veils online, but keep in mind the prices that you see for a bridal veil dictate not only the quality of the tulle but also the length and width of the tulle. It can also be very hard to match fabric colors when shopping online. 


Even if you take photos of yourself in the wedding dress if all you have is that photo while you are going from store to store to online shop to online shop, finding your best bridal style is going to be more complicated. It will be much harder to envision your final wedding day look if you are piecing it all together and aren't able to see your bridal look all at once together on your body.


There are a lot of different components that go into the sizing and coloring of bridal veils, so by buying all your accessories at a specialized bridal boutique, you're getting the best of the best in bridal veils. Plus you'll have an expert bridal stylist guiding you on all the options when it comes to accessorizing your wedding day style look.   


Wedding Hair Trials 


A bonus to ordering all of your wedding accessories at the time you order your wedding dress is that they will arrive early. You will have all your bridal accessories in just four to five months, which means they will arrive in time for your wedding hair trial. Your wedding hair trial is a time before your wedding date when you meet with your bridal hairstylist to discuss your options for your wedding day hairstyle.

If you are doing a trial run of your wedding day hairstyle with your hairstylist, it is very important to have your bridal accessories with you. You’ll want to be able to bring your veil, crown, clips, sparkles, combs or headpiece with you so that your hairstylist can incorporate your bridal accessories into your final wedding day hairstyle. 


This is an often overlooked part of wedding planning. You will thank yourself when you have your accessories early and in time for your hair trial. It will pay off to order your bridal accessories early and be able to see the complete look at your wedding hair trial. 


Video: When To Order Your Bridal Accessories & Veil


Are you wondering when is the right time to order and purchase your bridal accessories and veil? Should you wait for your dress to arrive in the store and order at the time of alterations? Or should you order your bridal veil and accessories early so that everything arrives on time? Our Wedding Fashion Expert is back with another helpful video on when or purchase your bridal accessories...




Increase Your Options


Choose all of your bridal accessories and your veil at the same time you choose your dream wedding dress. If you wait or delay ordering your bridal accessories, you will have limited options available. You also risk not being able to try on your wedding dress again to choose accessories if you try to shop for accessories at a later date. It will be harder to be sure all of your accessories match your wedding dress if you are shopping online or at another store.


Make your wedding planning life simple, easy, and refreshing! You’ll have everything you need to complete your wedding day look and can cross one more off your wedding planning to-do list. 


Shopping for your wedding day accessories does not need to be stressful. It’s truly a beautiful part of the wedding planning journey if you just allow it to all come together and let it happen. Our wedding stylists at Lovella can’t wait to help you choose the perfect bridal accessories to match your dream wedding dress! 



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