How To Choose Your Wedding Dress Fabric

How To Choose Your Wedding Dress Fabric

How To Choose Your Wedding Dress Fabric. Mobile Image

Sep 20, 2023

When it comes to wedding dress shopping, there are many factors to consider. If you are a bride who is shopping for your wedding dress, you have already probably begun to search online or in wedding magazines to get an idea of what style wedding dresses you like. You will have to consider what silhouette you want to wear on wedding day. Are you a bride who dreams of a princess style ball gown bridal dress? Or perhaps you plan on a more modern style wedding dress and want to shop for a more form-fitted, column style wedding dress. In addition to the silhouette you will wear on wedding day, you will have to consider what, if any, details you want on your wedding dress. Perhaps you want to shop bridal dresses that are all lace or want to try on styles that have sparkle or beading.


In addition to those design details, you will also need to consider what fabric to choose for your wedding dress. Brides who begin shopping for their wedding dress will soon find there are many fabrics that wedding dresses can be made out of. You might wonder which fabric is best to wear on wedding day or which fabric is best suited for wedding dresses. We have all the tips and advice to help guide you in choosing the best fabric for your wedding dress or bridal outfit.


Seasonal Fabrics


One very common thing we hear from brides at Lovella is that they are trying to match their wedding dress to a certain season or style of wedding venue. You might think that you can’t wear a strapless bridal dress in winter or that you can’t wear a dress with a long train for a beach wedding. If you have been following our advice, then you already know that we think there are no rules when it comes to wedding dresses and bridal fashion! Just as we think you should not wear a certain style wedding dress for a certain season or particular venue, the same applies to fabrics for bridal dresses.


When you are shopping for your wedding dress, do not worry about trying to match the dress fabric to a certain time of year or the theme of your wedding. Focus on the fabric and material that you feel beautiful and confident in wearing. You want to feel comfortable in whatever wedding dress you choose, because wedding days are long. Make sure that the wedding dress fabric you choose feels really nice on your skin and your body. It needs to be a dress and fabric that you love and want to get married in. You can wear  whatever you want, whenever you want, however you want.


VIDEO: How to Identify the Best Fabric to Choose for Your Wedding Dress


If you are a bride who is ready to shop for your wedding dress and are wondering what fabric you should wear on wedding day, be sure to check out this week's advice video to see examples of different different wedding dress fabrics and all the tips to help you identify the best fabric to choose for your wedding dress.



Silk Fabrics


As you are trying on different wedding dresses, you will find that you probably like how your body looks in certain silhouettes or styles better than others. Perhaps you love the way a mermaid style dress hugs your curves. Or maybe you want something that is a bit more flowy. Just as you are considering the shape of your wedding dress, you’ll also want to consider how a fabric hugs your body. Some fabrics are going to be more forgiving than others.


A wedding dress that is made of silk fabric is not going to be very forgiving on wedding day, especially in a tighter or more form fitting dress. The more a silk fabric is pulled on, you risk having visible underwear lines. You are going to see the curves of your hips and thighs more in a silk dress.


One of the most common bridal insecurities we hear from our brides at Lovella is not wanting their bellies to show in their wedding dress. A fitted silk dress is not going to be the best option for brides who might be self-conscious about their stomach. If you are set on a silk gown, look for one that has ruching to help cover your stomach area as opposed to a more nightgown or slip style silk dress.


Fabric Staining


Another common concern of brides is getting their wedding dress dirty. Know that this is bound to happen, at least on the bottom of your dress just from walking and moving around on wedding day. If you plan to take photos outside or are having an outdoor ceremony, your dress might get grass or dirt on it. Some fabrics obviously will show dirt or stains more than others. If you are overly concerned about a dirty dress, then a silk fabric might not be the choice for you. You might want to opt for a lace fabric or a dress that has some sparkle or beading to help hide any potential dirty spots. We don’t think that the possible chance of a stain should hold you back from choosing a certain dress, but it will be a personal choice in the end as to what you are comfortable wearing on wedding day.


Structure and Contour


When thinking about what fabric or material to wear on wedding day, you should also consider the construction of the wedding dress. Some dresses will have side seams where the pieces of fabric are sewed together. Other designs will be seamless and are joined at the zipper in the back. The placement of the seams on a bridal dress can help contour your body. Seams can help shape your waist or elongate your body and accentuate your hips.


Another trick that can change the appearance of your shape is with the silhouette of the dress. The fuller the bottom of the dress, the smaller your waist will look. So if you are opting for an A-line or ballgown dress with a full skirt, it’s going to make your waistline look smaller in comparison. Keep this in mind when trying on wedding dresses if you are looking for a more hourglass shape.


Shape First


An important tip to remember when shopping for your wedding dress is to focus on the silhouette or shape of the dress first. You first need to determine which style dress you like best on your body. Once you know the shape and silhouette you are going for, then you can focus on the finer details like specific fabrics and embellishments. No matter the fabric, a fitted dress is going to be less forgiving on the body than a dress that is more flowy or has a full skirt.




Another factor to consider when shopping for your wedding dress and thinking about different fabrics is embellishments. If you opt for a beaded lace or a sparkle fabric, these might be a bit rougher on the skin. Particularly if you have sensitive skin, you should be aware that a sparkle fabric or sequined material may cause a bit of chafing, especially on the undersides of your arms. This might not be a deal breaker for you on wedding day, but it is definitely something to think about as you move around in each dress while trying on options.



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