Wedding Dress Do's & Don'ts for Sensitive Skin

Wedding Dress Do's & Don'ts for Sensitive Skin

Wedding Dress Do's & Don'ts for Sensitive Skin. Mobile Image

Dec 07, 2022

Are you worried about being comfortable on your wedding day and concerned about your sensitive skin? Are you worried that the beads or sparkles on your wedding gown will rub your skin and leave you red, raw, or blotchy on your wedding day? We have the best professional advice for brides will sensitive skin and brides will wedding dresses with beads or embellishments on how to protect their skin on your wedding day. Today’s wedding dress advice topic is one that brides with sensitive skin will want to tune in for when it comes to wearing a wedding dress. Even if you do not have sensitive skin, all brides will learn some tips for wearing their wedding dress, especially if your bridal dress or outfit has a lot of beading or embellishment. 

A bridal dress is very different from the clothing you wear day to day, and depending on the style and detailing on your wedding dress, you may find that you get some discomfort from beading or embellishments as you are trying on dresses. We are here to help brides learn everything they need to know about and details to consider when it comes to skin sensitivity with wedding dresses. We want all brides to be prepared and comfortable on their wedding day! 


Know Your Priorities 


At Lovella, we have helped so many brides find their dream wedding dress, and oftentimes brides can be swept up by the design of the wedding dresses. Wedding gowns are gorgeous dresses when you look at all the fabric options, lace detailing, and beading. Before going shopping for their wedding dress, brides should know that wedding dress fabrics can be potentially irritating or have a slightly rough exterior depending on the fabric or detailing. This is especially true in the underarm area where you may notice some chafing on your arms. 


Brides are many times looking at the dress purely on design and not thinking about the function and how it's going to make them feel on their wedding day. Of course, everyone has different priorities and they will prioritize what they want in terms of the style of bridal dress they want and what is most important to them. We have had brides tell us that the most important part of their dress is to be able to go to the restroom while wearing a wedding dress by themselves!


This is what makes being a bridal stylist so fun and unique- getting all the little requests and puzzle pieces together to find the best dress for each bride based on her needs and style.


Video: Wedding Dress Dos & Don'ts for Sensitive Skin


Don't miss our video advice giving you all the dos and don'ts for wedding dress shopping with sensitive skin. This is the best advice for brides with sensitive skin or brides who are worried about how a wedding dress with beads or embellishments might rub or chafe their skin on the wedding day.



Soft Fabrics


If you are a bride with sensitive skin or you turn red very easily or just get irritated skin easily, then your priorities may be different when you go wedding dress shopping. When you go for your bridal dress shopping appointment, be sure to mention this to your bridal stylist so they can help you find a dress that will not irritate you. We would suggest sticking with very clean, soft fabrics that will feel smooth again your skin. 


For more advice and bridal dress shopping etiquette, be sure to read our advice on the do's and don'ts of wedding dress shopping appointments.


You may want to look for a wedding dress in a satin or silk fabric. If you have sensitive skin or are worried, looks for a wedding dress with not a lot of embellishment, as beading and sparkle can be irritating. Or perhaps you look for a bridal dress that only has embellishments on the skirt and train of the wedding dress so you don’t have to worry about your arms getting red or irritated, which can happen with beaded and embellishments on the bodice or upper part of the gown.


We've said it many times and we'll say it again, your bridal stylist is only as good as the information and feedback that you provide. The more information that you give to your bridal stylist, the better they can help you find your dream wedding dress. Be open with your bridal stylist about your concerns, so they can point you in the right direction for a wedding dress that fits your style and needs. 


Itchy Skin


For brides with itchy or sensitive skin, we have found that it can be the inside of the wedding dress that is itchy or a strap that is itchy. Again, be open with your consultant so they know what you are thinking and how you're feeling because there are oftentimes solutions for these little problem areas. These adjustments and solutions oftentimes come into play during the wedding gown alterations process, but you want to know your options before you place your order for your wedding dress.  


If you are trying on a wedding dress and maybe the lining or the beading is kind of itching you because maybe it's a very transparent top, you may be able to have a seamstress put in a layer of tulle or a layer of the lining so that your skin is not in contact with the actual corset and just give you a bit of buffer. For things like an itchy strap with beading, oftentimes a thin layer of the lining can be put under the strap to cushion it and provide a barrier between the strap and your skin. 


We highly suggest exploring your options prior to your wedding dress order coming into the store so that you can be prepared and have a plan in place. No one wants to be itchy and red for their wedding day photos! 


Exterior Beading


The most common place we find brides have skin irritation is from the exterior of their wedding dress, especially on the undersides of their arms. Your wedding dress may not have sequins on it, but if you have any type of sparkle, beading, or crystal embellishments in prongs, that can cause irritation as your arms move against your dress. 


To combat this friction that can happen from beading or stones on a wedding gown, we would recommend putting on lotion to ease the irritation. This will help to create a bit of glide as your body moves against your bridal dress and will make you more comfortable on the wedding day. 


The alterations process can also save the day in these uncomfortable skin irritation situations too. If there is a particular stone or piece of beading that just keeps poking you and hitting the same spot, alterations could remove that element on the wedding dress. If it’s under your arm, no one is going to notice that it is missing once it is snipped off, and you will be more comfortable on your wedding day. 


Go For Comfort


At the end of the day, if you are very aware of your sensitive skin and do not want to worry about it on your wedding day, then we highly suggest you be selective in your wedding dress. When you are trying on wedding dresses, be sure to spend some time in each dress - walk, dance, and move around. Spend a little bit of time in motion and see how the dress feels against your skin.


Tell your bridal stylist your concerns and your stylist will be able to tell you if that is a realistic expectation to remedy in alterations, or if it is an unrealistic expectation and your only option is to pick another wedding dress.


If comfort is the highest priority, you may have to realize that you love the dress and have to deal with a little discomfort, or you find another bridal dress that doesn’t irritate your skin. It will be a personal decision, but one that we hope you will be ready to make with our tips and advice. 


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