How To Decide On Wedding Day Makeup & Hair

How To Decide On Wedding Day Makeup & Hair

How To Decide On Wedding Day Makeup & Hair. Mobile Image

Aug 02, 2023

If you are a bride planning your wedding, then shopping for your wedding dress and deciding on your overall wedding day look is probably one of the most exciting things on the wedding planning to do list. Today, we are taking a bit of a step away from giving wedding dress fashion and shopping advice, and are instead talking about how to decide on your wedding day hair and makeup.


Once you have found your dream wedding dress and all of your bridal accessories, the next thing to think about to complete your bridal look is your wedding day makeup and hair style. We are going to share with brides everything they need to think about when it comes to deciding on how to style your hair on wedding day and how to decide on your bridal makeup look.


Complete Your Bridal Look


On wedding day, after first noticing your wedding dress, the next thing that family and friends are going to see when looking at the bride is their hair and makeup. In our experience as bridal stylists, a bride’s wedding day hair and makeup can really make or break how a bride looks on wedding day. Your overall look on wedding day comes down to three main things: your wedding dress, your bridal hair, and your makeup.


Your makeup and hair are two really critical elements of your overall appearance on wedding day. We highly encourage you to trial whatever makeup application you are thinking before wedding day. If you are doing a look you don’t typically wear, like heavy makeup when you usually opt for a very natural look, you’ll want to test this out before wedding day. Take photos and video of what your makeup looks like so you can be sure you like how it looks both in person and in photos.


Don’t Take Risks


Your wedding day is not where you want to take any big risks. You can certainly take some fashion risks if you want to throughout the events leading up to your wedding, such as your bridal shower or rehearsal dinner. You might even want to take a bit of a risk with your wedding dress by choosing a style that might be unexpected for you but is one you love, or by choosing a dramatic reception bridal dress. 


But on wedding day, your bridal hair and makeup should not be a place to take any risks. You really don't want to try anything that you have not tried before. You have spent many months planning your wedding, putting in a lot of time, energy, and money to put everything together. In the end, you are of course doing it all to marry your person and have an amazing day, but your wedding photos and video are going to last a lifetime. You want to be sure that you like how you look on wedding day and will be happy looking back on those photos in the future.


VIDEO: How To Decide on Wedding Day Makeup & Hair


If you are a bride who has found their dream wedding dress and are thinking about your overall bridal style, don't miss our video advice about how to decide on your wedding day makeup and hair



Bridal Hair


When thinking about your bridal hairstyle, we also encourage you to test out different hairstyles prior to wedding day. You’ll also want to take photos of the hairstyle so you can see how it looks at different angles and see if you like it in photos and in person. If you are someone who always wears their hair down, it might be a bit of a shock to see an updo hairstyle in all your wedding photos. You want to be sure you still feel like you, no matter what hair style you opt for on wedding day.


As a bride, you will hear all kinds of different advice as you are leading up to wedding day. People might tell you that you have to wear your hair in an updo because it’s a traditional style. While it might be nice to have your hair up so it’s out of the way and out of your face, it will all come down to personal style preference. Generally, it is easier to keep an updo looking good throughout the day and you won’t have to worry about your hair blowing around your face if you have an outdoor wedding. But in the end it will come down to how you feel and what you want to look like on wedding day. You need to love how you feel and look both in person and in photos.


Makeup Artists


When you are shopping for your wedding day makeup artist, we have an important tip to think about and ask artists as you are interviewing them. You want to pick a makeup artist that understands photography and video and how makeup translates to photos and cameras. Many professional makeup artists that have a lot of experience with brides will know how to apply makeup so that it translates well to your photos.


It’s very easy to, for example, choose a concealer shade that is too light for your skin tone for photos. You might have a makeup trial before your wedding and think that the makeup looks very heavy handed or feel that the false eyelashes are too much. Before making a final call on your look, we encourage you to take photos of the makeup look and compare that to what you are seeing in person. In some cases, you might be wearing more makeup on wedding day than you are typically used to, but you want to make sure that your makeup translates and shows up in your photos. It may look like a bit much in the mirror, but could translate to photos and video beautifully and look much more natural. 


A good way to think of this is if you were a performer, especially on stage. You’d have to apply a bit more makeup for it to really show through to the audience. The same applies on wedding day. You want just a step above what you typically do so. It can still be your normal, go-to look, but really just elevating it and doing a little bit more for it to translate on camera.


Schedule A Trial Run


One of our best pieces of advice when it comes to deciding your wedding day hair and makeup is to schedule trials with your hair and makeup artists. Your needs and wants for how you look on wedding day is so individual and depends on personal style, so you need to work with professionals who can help you translate that vision. Experts will know how to make you look good, be sure your look lasts all day, and translates well on camera.


Scheduling your hair and makeup trial before your bridal shower or bachelorette party, or even for another formal event or wedding you are attending is a great idea as you can see how the style lasts throughout the day and looks in various photos.


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