How To Decide On Your Wedding Nail Color

How To Decide On Your Wedding Nail Color

How To Decide On Your Wedding Nail Color. Mobile Image

Jul 26, 2023

When it comes to wedding day fashion, there are many elements that brides need to think about and shop for. Once you have purchased your wedding dress and bridal veil, if you are wearing one, you will want to finish your bridal look with additional accessories like shoes and jewelry. One detail that may be overlooked by brides is their nails. It’s not a tangible item you will be purchasing and wearing, but you certainly don’t want to forget about your manicure on wedding day.


Ultimately what color you decide to wear on your nails on wedding day will be a personal decision based on your style and tastes, but we have some important components that you will want to consider when thinking about what color nails to wear on wedding day.


Wedding Nail Basics

At Lovella, our stylists are often asked by brides what color they should do their nails for wedding day. They are curious what color or style manicure will work best for their wedding day and their wedding dress style. It will really be up to each bride to make that decision for themselves based on personal style and preferences.


In addition to nail color, you also want to take into consideration your nail shape. An oval shape nail can help elongate your fingers and hands as opposed to a square shaped nail. You will also have to decide if you want a shorter or longer nail for your wedding day. If you have trouble growing your natural nails long, then opting for a gel manicure or acrylic tips may be an option for you.


Barely There


For classic and traditional brides, you might want to opt for a more neutral, barely there nail color. Something light toned or neutral is very elegant and classic and will look good paired with any style wedding dress and will compliment all wedding styles.


Going with a barely there manicure ensures your nails and hands will look clean and elegant. If you opt for a more trendy nail look, it may not stand the test of time. It will show through time when you look back on your wedding photos.


Bold Statement


If you want to have a bit more fun with your wedding day nails and don’t think a barely there color is the best fit for you, then choose to go bold. We have seen many brides who choose to make a bold statement with their wedding nails. Some brides may choose a shade of blue for “something blue” nails. Some brides have gone really bold and matched their lip color for example, choosing a bright red for both their lips and nails.


If you decide to have statement nails, keep in mind that you don't want the color or design to be so distracting from the other components of your overall bridal look.



VIDEO: Let's Talk Wedding Nail Colors - Components to Consider!


If you are a bride who is ready to finalize all the small details of your wedding day look and outfit, don't miss our advice video all about how to decide on your wedding day nail color. A manicure is one detail that no bride should forget about for wedding day! 



Take Photos


Whatever you ultimately decide for your wedding day nails, we think the time leading up to your wedding should be time to have fun and experiment. Take the time to test out different nail salons to figure out what you like and what you don’t like. See what shape nail looks best to you and try different colors and different types of manicures. Wedding planning can be stressful so treat yourself to some relaxation by getting a manicure. You definitely want to try out and decide on the final nail color before wedding day. You don’t want to get a manicure days before your wedding only to decide that you don’t like the color you chose.


While you are in this test period, be sure to take photos of your nails. See how each color you try looks in photos. Things translate differently in photos than to the natural eye. And while your nails may not be the star of wedding day, they are going to be photographed. You want to compliment your wedding band and engagement ring. There will be photos of you holding your bouquet or perhaps toasting with a glass of champagne and your nails will be visible so you want to love the color you choose.


Final Manicure


Our last tip when it comes to deciding a nail color for wedding day is to wait until as close as you can to your wedding day to get your final manicure. You want your nails to be well groomed on wedding day, so waiting until close to the big day will ensure your nails are looking your best. You don’t want to get your nails done a week before your wedding and then risk breaking a nail or chipping your polish. Waiting until just before the wedding will ensure your nails look their best and last through wedding day.



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