Top 9 New Wedding Fashion Accessory Trends

Top 9 New Wedding Fashion Accessory Trends

Top 9 New Wedding Fashion Accessory Trends. Mobile Image

Apr 12, 2023

Are you a bride who has found their dream wedding dress and now you are wondering how to style and accessorize your wedding dress? After saying “yes to the dress”, brides need to complete their wedding day look with bridal accessories. If you are a bride who is ready to shop for wedding fashion accessories, you are in the right place because we are going to be sharing the latest bridal accessory fashion trends.

As we are preparing for New York Fashion Bridal Week, we are excited to discuss the top 9 wedding fashion accessory trends we expect to see on the runways. We recently shared with you the top 7 wedding dress fashion trends, and so it only made sense to move on to bridal accessories so we can help brides complete their wedding day outfits and really define their bridal style. 


Trend 1: Statement Earrings


The first wedding fashion accessory trend we are seeing is all about the earrings. Bold, statement earrings are really on trend right now in the fashion world, even on the red carpet, not just in the bridal world. We love a statement earring for brides because it’s a great way to beautifully frame your face. A bold, dramatic earring will draw eyes up to your face and really catch attention. 


Another reason to go with a bigger earring on wedding day is so that they will actually be seen. If you are thinking of wearing just a stud or something more simple, these types of earrings won’t be seen from far away and likely will not show up in your wedding day photos. Wedding day is a great opportunity to choose something with a bit more flair.


Trend 2: Hair Accessories 


Hair accessories have always been a classic wedding fashion accessory trend for brides. Right now with bridal hair accessories, we are seeing a lot of floral details and a lot of crystal details. Bridal hair accessories are a great moment to add a bit of sparkle to their wedding day outfit, whether you choose a headband, hairpins, or even a tiara. 


Bridal crowns in particular are very trendy right now. We are also seeing what we like to call a micro-crown. These are a bit more subtle and soft than a traditional bridal crown, so they are perfect for brides who always dreamed of wearing a crown on wedding day but don’t want to feel like a child playing princess dress up. This is something we often hear from brides at Lovella, as trying on wedding dresses is such a unique experience. 

We think that wedding day is the perfect time to go for drama, so if a big, sparkly crown suits you and your bridal style, go for it! One tip we like to share with our brides when shopping for bridal accessories is to not be afraid to go bold. When you are trying on your accessories, you are going to be seeing them up close in the mirror, but all of your wedding guests will be seeing you from afar. When trying on different bridal accessories, be sure to step away from the mirror, take photos, and try to see things from a bit of a distance to get a better feeling for your overall bridal look. 


Trend 3: Layered Necklaces


The next wedding fashion accessory trend we love is layered necklaces- something that really just makes a statement with the necklace. Now one thing to think about with your overall wedding look when it comes to necklaces is to consider your other bridal accessories. If you are wearing a bold, statement necklace or a layered necklace in addition to something on your head like a veil or tiara, earrings, and then your bridal bouquet, it can become a lot of components. If you think about a date night or girls night out, then a trendy necklace makes sense to compete your outfit, but on wedding day, a necklace might be a bit too much. This can especially be true if you have detailing on your wedding dress like a unique neckline or sleeves. In this case, a bare neck may be the way to go so you don’t overwhelm your overall bridal look. 


Remember that the goal with accessorizing is to really accentuate you and your style, not be cluttering. If you are doing a necklace on wedding day, we would suggest pairing with simpler earrings and simple hair accessories so you don’t have too many big components fighting for attention and perhaps giving you a busy looking style. 


Trend 4: Veils 


Wedding veils is the next bridal accessory trend and is one that is never going away. We love a wedding veil to really give a bride that traditional bridal style and a dramatic moment on wedding day. What is new for wedding veils is the detailing and styling. We are seeing a lot of wedding veils with 3D lace appliqués and 3D flowers to add in an extra layer of dimension. 

In addition to dimensional elements, we are also seeing a lot of sparkle and glitter. Sparkle trim on a tulle wedding veil, or even all over sparkle material is a very popular choice for wedding veils right now. So bridal veils will always be trending, but the new trend is the fabric choice and the manipulation of the fabric that are giving a fresh life to wedding veils and making a bold statement.

For more on wedding veils, check out our past post on how to select your wedding veil. 


Trend 5: Bold Shoes


Wedding day shoes might not be the first bridal accessory you think about, but it’s an accessory brides should not overlook and is another trending wedding fashion accessory. A bold shoe gives brides a chance to really have a fashion moment. Traditionally for bridal shoes you see a lot of ivory or lace shoes to fit in with wedding style. A big trend since Sarah Jessica Parker wore the blue Manolo Blahniks, is for brides to choose a “something blue” bridal shoe. We have also seen brides opt for a satin shoe and even shoes in bold colors that might match the bridesmaids dresses or one of the wedding colors. 


A bold statement shoe with studs or sparkles or some kind of unique detail is a great way for brides to let their personality shine through. And if you are not a heels kind of bride, we love the idea of custom sneakers or tennis shoes that are blinged out with glitter or gems or spray painted with a unique design. Something that is bold and truly reflects your personality as a bride is never a bad choice. 


The last tip we have when it comes to bridal shoes is to have a backup pair with you on wedding day that has the same heel height as what you plan to wear most of the day. Wedding days are long and as the bride, you will be on your feet a lot that day. It can be hard to stay in the exact same shoe all day long. Consider a backup with different arch support to give your feet a break. You can keep your backup shoes simple like a nude shoe so if it peeks out of your dress, it won’t be a big deal. 


Trend 6: Bridal Jackets


The next wedding fashion accessory that we see trending are bridal jackets. Last week we discussed removable details as being one of the top wedding dress trends, like detachable sleeves. In this vain, we are seeing a lot of custom bridal jackets. Perhaps you are having a more conservative wedding ceremony and need a bit more coverage or maybe you opt for a personalized leather jacket for the wedding reception.

We love the idea of a custom denim or leather jacket with embroidery details, like your new last name or initials and wedding date. A bolero, bridal cape, and even faux fur stole can also be personalized and are a great bridal accessory depending on the season and location of your wedding. A unique bridal jacket can also add a fun element of surprise for your wedding photos and give you a dynamic, fun look. 


Trend 7: Bridal Cape


The new bridal fashion accessory that is trending is a cousin to bridal jackets and that is bridal capes. A very popular look we are seeing now is that instead of wearing a veil, brides are opting for a cape for a super dynamic look. At Lovella, we do have designers that make matching capes to dresses or you can mix and match and really create a very personalized look for your wedding day. So if you don’t want to do an accessory that is as structured as a jacket, a cape is a great option for going into the evening.


Trend 8: Gloves


Wedding fashion accessory trend number 8 is bridal gloves. We are predicting that brides wearing gloves on wedding day is going to be a big trend for 2023. Wedding gloves were popular in the past and this is one bridal accessory we see making a big comeback for classic bridal style. 


Bridal gloves are coming back in a new way. There are so many fun things that bridal fashion designers are doing with different lengths, different, textures and different materials for a truly custom bridal look.

For more on bridal gloves, check out our past post with tips for styling and wearing gloves on your wedding day. 


Trend 9: Statement Clutch


The last wedding fashion accessory that is trending in a big way are statement clutches. We of course have seen clutches that say “Mrs” or are personalized with a monogram, but a bridal clutch is another great moment to really personalize your wedding day look. Something that is really bold or has a fun embellishment are a nice fashion moment. Even if you won’t be carrying your clutch or purse with you all night, it’s nice to have something sitting at your table that has your lipstick, your phone, maybe some Advil or breath mints, just a few emergency items that can be nice to have on wedding day.

A statement clutch is also nice to have for your pre-wedding photos when your photographer is getting detail photos of your dress, your wedding rings, your jewelry and invitation suite. Many brides may not even think about needing a purse on wedding day, but it is nice to have by your side for some emergency situations and especially if you are a handbag girl, this is another great opportunity to let your personality shine. 


Overall we love that bridal accessories really give brides the chance to truly customize their wedding day look and really let their personalities shine through. Many of the bridal accessories we’ve discussed today are pieces you can re-wear after the wedding and will become special mementos that will remind you of your wedding day each time you wear these pieces again. Don’t be afraid to invest in these pieces that you can carry throughout your marriage and enjoy for years to come. 


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