How To Handle Size Fees For Plus Size Wedding Dresses

How To Handle Size Fees For Plus Size Wedding Dresses

How To Handle Size Fees For Plus Size Wedding Dresses. Mobile Image

May 24, 2023

Today’s advice is for all of our plus size brides who are wedding dress shopping. Curvy and plus size brides have a few additional things to consider before determining their wedding dress budget and before going wedding dress shopping. Unfortunately, there may be additional fees or a higher cost for plus size wedding dresses.

In the past, we have given advice for what to expect when shopping for plus size wedding dresses, and we are happy to expand on that a bit more. Every bridal store is going to be different depending on the inventory they have in store. Not every bridal shop carries plus size bridal dresses, or they may not have as large of a selection of sample dresses to try on. This is partly due to the fact that bridal stores have to purchase sample dresses out of pocket. Follow along as we share tips for how to handle size fees for plus size dresses.


Every Designer Is Different


When it comes to wedding dresses, there is no shortage of wedding dress designers. As a plus size bride shopping for a wedding dress, you may have to do a little extra research to find what designers offer plus size dress collections and sizing. There will also be the extra step of finding bridal boutiques you want to shop that carry plus size inventory.


Every bridal designer is different, so be sure to ask the bridal shop what they have in store to try on in your size. Some designers charge an additional fee for dresses at size 18 and above, some above size 20, some may charge for sizes above size 22- it all depends on each designer. There are some bridal designers who do not charge extra fees for plus size dresses. Be sure to ask your bridal stylist about each designer when you are trying on wedding dresses.


Manufacturing Details


There are a few reasons why bridal designers may charge additional fees for plus size wedding dresses. The fabric being used to create bridal dresses can be quite expensive, and a lot of the work is done by hand. The more fabric that is needed is going to cause an increase in the dress price.


In addition to more fabric being used for plus size wedding dresses, these bridal dresses also require a new pattern. There is a cost that the designers incur for the additional pattern, so that can also contribute to an increase in the price of plus size wedding dresses.


Oftentimes there are also additional structural elements needed for plus size wedding dresses. There could be more boning required to craft a plus size wedding dress. Overall, there is just more expense in material, structural details, craftsmanship that go into making a larger garment. It’s not an ideal situation and may not seem fair, but these wedding dresses take more time and require more material to be manufactured and so that is why there is a higher cost associated with plus size wedding dresses.


VIDEO: How To Handle Size Fees For Plus Size Wedding Dresses


We want all brides to be fully prepared when shopping for their dream wedding dress.  If you are a plus size bride, you will not want to miss our advice video discussing how to handle size fees for plus size wedding dresses.



Custom Dress Fees


As we mentioned earlier, not every bridal designer offers a plus-size wedding dress collection. At Lovella, we have one designer in particular that does not offer plus-size dresses on their size chart. Anything beyond what they have set as their standard wedding dress sizes is considered a custom size. In this case, brides would be paying a custom sizing fee, which technically is the same things as a plus size fee. It’s a percentage of the wedding dress that’s added on depending on the size that is being ordered. Not every wedding dress designer works this way, but it’s something to consider as a plus size bride that may open the possibilities to other bridal designers that don’t have a specific plus size dress collection.


Custom wedding dress fees take into account all of the design elements we mentioned above - more materials, a new pattern, the amount of structural details. So many parts of the wedding dress will have to be adjusted, from the bust and cup size, longer straps or longer sleeves. It all depends on the style of the wedding dress, but overall it’s a different construction than the standard bridal sizes. Even the pattern of the lace or beading on a plus size dress must be modified in size and scale so that everything aligns properly in the new size.


Size Inclusivity


It may be an uncomfortable conversation to have, and at Lovella we want to be inclusive to all brides. We are working hard to expand our inventory of plus size wedding dresses. It’s not fair how the system is set up in wedding dresses, but the bridal stores have no say in it. The designers and manufacturers set the prices of each wedding dress.


We are slowly seeing more bridal designers offering their wedding dresses in larger sizes, but it’s going to take time. Know that your bridal stylist is not trying to be rude when explaining why plus size wedding dresses incur additional fees, they are just being honest and their hands are tied as they can’t alter the price point.


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