How To Use The Restroom On Wedding Day In A Wedding Dress

How To Use The Restroom On Wedding Day In A Wedding Dress

How To Use The Restroom On Wedding Day In A Wedding Dress. Mobile Image

May 07, 2022

If you're planning a wedding and wondering how things will work logistically on the wedding day itself from timelines to, of course, what to wear, we're here with a topic that you won't want to miss. We're talking about how to use the bathroom on your wedding day in a wedding dress. For many brides, this is the first time you've worn a couture-style wedding gown and with corsets, buttons, bustles, trains, and more on your wedding dress, you might be wondering, will I be able to use the bathroom in my wedding dress? Believe it or not, we are asked about how to use the bathroom in a wedding dress more often than you think! We've got you, do not worry! We're going to talk all about how to use the bathroom on your wedding day when wearing a wedding dress. 


We're here to guide you through all the ins and outs of wedding day planning and preparations. From big topics like what to expect when you go wedding dress shopping for the first time and deciphering wedding dress shapes and styles to all the little things that you may never think of while wedding planning. This week’s topic falls into the latter category and is a bit of a personal topic. We are talking about how to use the restroom on a wedding day while wearing a wedding dress. 


When you think of a bride using the bathroom on her wedding day, you probably have a picture in your mind. This mental image might be of a bride on the toilet surrounded by her bridesmaids holding up her wedding dress so she can go to the bathroom. As nice as it is to know that your bridesmaids are there for you in all times of need, this scenario is not very realistic and won’t work for all styles of wedding dresses....and wedding parties for that matter. The style and silhouette shape of your wedding gown is going to determine your options on how you may be able to use the restroom on your wedding day.


Style Matters


There will be some slight variations on how to make using the restroom in a wedding dress an easy task on wedding day depending on the type and style of your wedding gown. You may be wearing a form-fitted mermaid-style wedding dress or a tulle ball gown-style bridal dress. Each type of wedding dress presents its own challenges when it comes time to use the restroom. No matter the style of wedding dress that you choose, do not worry, you will be able to use the restroom on your wedding day. 


We’re here to give you all the tips and advice you need to make this a quick and easy process so that you can get back to the wedding party and feel comfortable and confident.


For brides wearing a fitted wedding dress, such as a mermaid, trumpet, or fit and flare style, it’s going to be hard to lift up your wedding dress far enough to safely use the restroom. This will also be true for those brides in a ballgown-style wedding dress. No matter your style of wedding dress, it will be hard to lift up your wedding dress to use the bathroom as you would typically lift up a regular-style or everyday dress.


Just think about trying to hold up all of that tulle and fabric that makes up your wedding dress while going to the bathroom. It is a lot of fabric! 


For All Dress Styles


Our recommendation for all brides, wearing any style of wedding dress, is to take off their wedding dress when they need to use the restroom. 


Use your bathroom break as an opportunity to have a moment of peace and catch your breath. It will be a really nice moment of relief and comfort to just sit and go to the bathroom without your wedding dress on. Then you can put your dress back on and get back on the dance floor!


Taking this short breather actually allows the wedding gown to realign on your body. In the end, your wedding dress is still an article of clothing and it will stretch and give, just as your regular clothes do. As your body temperature rises throughout the wedding day, or if you experience any bloating, your wedding gown is also going to expand with you. This is why you sometimes may feel your dress starting to slip off you. This is especially true if you have a strapless gown.


Taking off your wedding dress for a few minutes is beneficial for two reasons. First, it gives you a moment to catch your breath and have a quick break from the wedding dress. Second, it gives your wedding dress a moment to breathe too. Once you put your wedding dress back on, it will be better aligned with your body again. 


Video: How to Use the Restroom on Wedding Day in a Wedding Dress


Don't miss this week's wedding advice video from our Wedding Fashion Expert with all the tips on how to use the restroom on a wedding day while wearing a wedding dress. This is one of the most common concerns that brides have about their wedding day and wearing a wedding dress, but don't worry at all. We have the best tips for making you feel confident and comfortable on your big day!



Take Your Time


There are a few things that can get a little tricky when using the restroom while wearing a wedding dress that we want you to keep in mind. We wanted to give you a few final tips and pieces of advice that we see brides struggle with on their wedding day when it comes to the dress. 


First, wedding dress zippers can break really, really easily. Zippers can break very easily, especially when you're in a rush and trying to either get to the restroom because you've waited too long or you are rushing to get back to the dance floor. Please be sure that you have two people who know how to use a wedding dress zipper properly so that you minimize your chances of breakage. Make sure all the zipper's teeth align and take your time. Be sure to have a sewing kit and safety pins on hand, just in case. 


If you are in a lace-up wedding dress, you're going to need to allow more time to get unlaced before you can get your dress off and use the restroom. A pro tip for you is that if you are in a laced-up ballgown style wedding dress, you could have a few people help you lift up your wedding dress to use the restroom because it’s a little more complicated with a corset to take off and put back on and will be a little more time-consuming.  


If you're in a fitted style wedding dress, such as a trumpet, mermaid or fit and flare, there's really no way for you to lift it up to use the restroom. Your best bet is to take off your wedding dress, use the bathroom, and put your wedding dress back on when you’re done. 


Final Tips


Using the restroom on a wedding day should really be simple and not cause you to miss out on a lot of your wedding reception. Removing your wedding dress to use the restroom is a universal way to make it more comfortable and functional, no matter what style of wedding dress you choose.


If you plan to take off your dress entirely before using the bathroom, you won't have to worry about gathering friends to go to the bathroom stall with you or worry about part of your bridal dress falling into the toilet and getting wet.


We hope our tips helped to ease your mind about going to the bathroom on your wedding day. Do not worry, it is possible and you'll be back on the dance floor in no time at all.



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