How to Wear an Overskirt on Your Wedding Day

How to Wear an Overskirt on Your Wedding Day

How to Wear an Overskirt on Your Wedding Day. Mobile Image

Nov 23, 2022

If you are a bride shopping for your dream wedding dress, you may have seen wedding dresses with overskirts. Perhaps you have seen overskirts as an additional bridal accessory to complete your wedding day look or as a detachable second wedding dress option to switch up your bridal look from the ceremony to your reception. Or perhaps you are just beginning to shop for your bridal dress and you have no idea what an overskirt is. Whether you love the full and formal look of an overskirt with your wedding dress, or you're hoping to remove your overskirt for a mid-wedding day outfit change, overskirts are a popular wedding fashion trend that we're seeing more and more brides wear down the aisle. Today, we are going to give you all the details on what a wedding dress overskirt is and will cover all the logistical things you need to consider when wearing an overskirt.


2-In-1 Wedding Dress


Overskirts can be a permanent part of a wedding dress or they can be removable - it just depends on each bridal dress style and designer. An overskirt refers to a skirt or a bottom portion of a dress that can be added "over" or on top of the existing wedding dress. By adding or removing an overskirt, you'll change up the look of the wedding dress entirely. Overskirts are a great option for brides who want to change their look throughout the wedding day because they can remove their overskirt to change up their look for a 2-in-1 wedding dress with options!


Have you fallen in love with a wedding dress but wish it had a little more oomph or flair? A wedding dress overskirt may be a perfect option for you. We are going to share all the tips you need for walking and moving when wearing an overskirt, how to best photograph your wedding dress with an overskirt, and when you should remove the overskirt, if your particular bridal dress has a removable overskirt option.


Let’s get into all the details on wedding dresses with overskirts. 


VIDEO: How to Wear an Overskirt on Your Wedding Day

Before we get further into the topic of wedding dress overskirts, we highly recommend watching this week’s advice video so you can view exactly what an overskirt looks like and learn how to wear an overskirt on your wedding day. In the video, we'll try on wedding dresses with overskirts and show you how this option works and functions on the wedding day.



What is an Overskirt?


Let’s start with the basics- what is an overskirt? As we mentioned, dress overskirts come in both removable and non-removable options. It will just depend on your style of wedding dress. Overskirts are designed with a variety of volumes and are constructed with different materials. They are essentially an additional layer of fabric that goes on the outside of your wedding dress, around the waistline. Wedding dress overskirts are typically made of tulle to give your bridal dress more volume and a skirt more in line with a ball gown. 


Detachable overskirts are usually constructed from hip to hip so that the front of your bridal dress and your figure are shown off a bit more. But there are also overskirts that can be constructed to fully encircle your wedding dress and give off a fuller skirt, while you have a more figure-forming dress underneath. 


Overskirts can come in sparkle, lace, and plain styles, and can be personalized to match the style and look you are dreaming of for your wedding day. 


Sold Separately


When it comes to wedding dress overskirts, it is good to know that they are sold separately from the wedding dress. They are sold separately so you do not have to purchase the overskirt for your wedding dress if you do not want it. When you are trying on wedding dresses, and want to try an overskirt for an elevated look, keep in mind that you are essentially buying two dresses because it is two different wedding day looks. 

It can be a really fun moment and an element of surprise for your wedding guests on your wedding day to have two bridal looks in one, such as going from the ceremony to the reception or from the reception to the after party. Many people won’t even know that your overskirt is removable to give you a second wedding outfit. 


Overskirts for your wedding dress are a great way to have that element of a ball gown feel without having to sacrifice a more shapely or fitted curvy hugging look. It’s your two-in-one where you don't have to decide if you want a ball gown and you don't have to decide if you want a more fitted dress. You get the best of both with a removable overskirt on your wedding dress! 


First Look Logistics


Now when it comes to logistics on the wedding day, there are a few things to consider for brides wearing an overskirt. For our brides who are doing a first look reveal with their partner, we recommend not wearing your overskirt. The appeal of having these two pieces to wear is that you have another chance to surprise your partner with your wedding dress with it's overskirt added.

If you do not wear your overskirt for your first look reveal on your wedding day, you will have the chance to surprise your fiancé as you walk down the aisle with your overskirt and they get the chance to see you in something new and something they did not expect because they already saw you with just your bridal dress. You show up to the wedding ceremony with your overskirt on and your wedding veil and you get that "wow" factor again when you walk down the aisle with the overskirt in a completely different bridal dress outfit!  


Wedding Photography Tips


When it comes to wedding day photography, we know this is an important aspect for many brides. In terms of how to stand and pose for wedding day portraits, that's why you have an expert wedding photographer. We also highly recommend doing an engagement photo session with your wedding photographer so that you get used to being in front of the camera and you can learn what positions work best for you and your partner. Your wedding photographer will give you advice and guide you on the best angles.


Another important wedding photography tip we have is in response to what we hear from many brides at Lovella is about insecurities they have about their body. The most common bridal insecurities we hear about are about a bride’s belly and their arms. Be upfront with your photographer and tell your photographer that you don't love your arms in photos or you are insecure about your belly. Your wedding photographer is an expert and will give you poses that flatter your body so that you like how your photos turn out.


An overskirt, like a wedding veil, can also be a really fun element for wedding day photographs and add a bit of flair when tossed in the air or twirled around.


Wedding Day Timeline 


Now you may be wondering when is the best time to remove your overskirt on your wedding day? We’ve already given our suggestion for not wearing your overskirt for a first-look reveal, but definitely wearing your overskirt for the wedding ceremony and family photos after the wedding ceremony. The next big moment to consider on the wedding day will be the first dance. 


The first dance is where it is up to you if you want to wear your wedding dress with its overskirt or not. You may want to enter your wedding reception ready to party, with no overskirt and your wedding dress bustled so you are ready to dance without tripping over your wedding dress train. In case you do not know, a wedding dress bustle is just a way to gather up your wedding dress train and secure it up above your knees so that you are able to move and dance with ease.


Another option is to bustle your wedding dress under your overskirt before entering your wedding reception and then peel off the overskirt to reveal your new bridal look. You could also opt to leave everything "as is" for the first dance and then remove the overskirt and bustle your wedding dress after the first dance for the rest of the wedding reception when it is time to party. Wedding dress bustles are added during the alterations process, so it is completely customizable to how you envision your wedding day looks. 


For more on wedding dress bustles and alterations, be sure to check out our past post on everything you need to know about wedding dress bustles


Don’t Leave It Behind


One last tip that we have heard from past Lovella brides is that elements of their wedding day outfit have gotten lost on the night of their wedding. Items that they removed throughout the day like their wedding veil or bridal dress overskirt get left behind at their wedding venue. Be sure to communicate with your wedding planner or have a designated person who is waiting for each item as you change your look on the wedding day so that the items don't get lost or left behind.


Remember that your wedding day look is completely customizable to however you want the wedding day timeline to be. Just make sure to communicate this timeline of your attire to your wedding planner or whoever will be responsible for your wedding day attire and accessories. You want to make sure that all your bridal fashion makes it back to your hotel room or wherever you will be staying on the wedding night. 



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