Tips For Wedding Dress Shopping When You're Losing Weight

Tips For Wedding Dress Shopping When You're Losing Weight

Tips For Wedding Dress Shopping When You're Losing Weight. Mobile Image

Are you wedding dress shopping and losing weight at the same time? Do you want to wait to shop for a wedding dress until you lose weight? If you're on a weight loss journey and you're worried about trying on wedding dresses until you're more comfortable, you've come to the right place. At Lovella Bridal, you know we love helping brides find their perfect wedding dress and in this post, we're talking all about how to shop for and find that perfect dress when you're planning to lose weight before your wedding.


If you're confused and don't know where to start, we're giving you our best tips and advice for bridal dress shopping and losing weight, plus a helpful video from Nayri, Wedding Fashion Expert, about what to do if you want to lose weight before wedding dress shopping. We're also talking about the best time to order your wedding dress and what size dress to order, especially if you're on a weight loss journey before your wedding. 


Shop Early To Get What You Want


Brides ask us all the time about wedding dress shopping and losing weight. This is a very common question and you're not alone. Brides often tell us that they want to lose weight before their wedding and they are wondering when is the best time to order their wedding dress. 


Our best advice is to not wait to go wedding dress shopping. Do not delay or wait until you've lost weight to start trying on wedding dresses. You can start trying on dresses at any size.


We completely understand that you might not be feeling your best and that you may feel uncomfortable. We're here to guide you through the dress shopping process and make you feel as amazing as you are. But, the longer you wait to try on wedding dresses, the more limited your options become the closer it comes to your wedding day.


It can take 6 to 8 months or up to one year for your wedding dress to arrive in our shop after you've placed your order. This it is so important to not wait to start shopping, trying on, and ultimately ordering your wedding dress.


After you decide on a wedding dress, your order is placed with the designer. The dress designer then gets to work making your wedding dress for you. This process can take 6 months or up to a year, depending on the designer. Then, once your dress arrives in our shop, you will need time to go through the alterations process. If you wait too long to start shopping for your wedding dress, your dress options might be limited and you might not get the bridal gown that you really want because there isn't enough time to order the dress.


Losing weight takes time, it's not an overnight process. If you wait until you're at your ideal size and then you start shopping for a wedding dress or trying on different dress styles, you might not have as many options for dress styles as you would if you had started sooner. 


But, What About Dress Alternations


Many brides feel that they want to wait to order their wedding dress until after they lose weight so that they can save money on alterations. They feel that they will have to pay more for wedding dress alterations if more work needs to be done to the dress, such as taking the dress in. However, this is not true. Wedding dress alteration prices are based on the act of taking apart into your dress, not based on how much material they need to take away or add. You'll be paying the same amount for dress alterations if you need to add a size or take a size away from your dress. 


For more on wedding dress alternations, please check out this advice post that we did on all things wedding dress alterations and what to expect during the alterations process


Speaking of alternations, your wedding dress will be altered to fit the size that you are, no matter your size. Not the other way around. It's not your job to fit into your wedding dress. It's your wedding dress's job to fit you, just as you are.


What Size Should I Order?


Order the closest wedding dress to the size you currently are when you go wedding dress shopping. Even if you lose weight, they can alter the dress to fit you at the size that you are when your dress arrives in the shop.


Video: Wedding Dress Shopping & Losing Weight


We made a video for you answering all of your questions about wedding dress shopping and wanting to lose weight, including answers to questions about order timing and gown sizing. 



For more wedding dress tips and advice, please subscribe to Wedding Fashion Expert's YouTube Channel to binge-watch all things bridal.


Don't Delay


Do not prolong your wedding dress shopping experience and trying on wedding dresses just because you want to lose weight. If you wait too long, you'll have less time to shop around, try on different styles, and really search for the right wedding dress for you. The longer you wait, you'll have limited options because many dress designers can take up to one year for your dress to be made after you order it.


Start trying your wedding dress on today! Do not delay the process. You'll find an amazing wedding dress just as you are! 


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