Top 7 New Wedding Dress Fashion Trends

Top 7 New Wedding Dress Fashion Trends

Top 7 New Wedding Dress Fashion Trends. Mobile Image

Apr 05, 2023

Are you wondering about the newest wedding dress trends and what you'll find in the bridal stores when you go shopping for your dream? You're in the right spot today because we're sharing the top trends in bridal fashion. Twice a year, in October and April, fashion designers and retailers gather in New York City for New York Bridal Fashion Week. The team at Lovella Bridal is always excited to attend these special events and 2023 is no exception. Bridal Fashion Week is a time for wedding dress designers to showcase their new designs and new collections of wedding dresses, bridal outfits, and bridal accessories. With New York City Bridal Fashion Week approaching, we wanted to dive in and talk about the new bridal fashion trends we expect to see.


At Lovella, we always have brides asking us what the latest trends are in bridal fashion and what the newest designs in wedding dresses are. We always encourage brides to look beyond just the newest designs and latest fashion trends so they aren’t limited in their wedding dress selection, but it is nice to know what is new and trending. Just because a wedding dress may be a few seasons old, does not mean it’s not the perfect dress for you. As long as you love the dress, it does not matter what season or year the design is from. That being said, let’s dive into all the new bridal fashion trends so that brides shopping for their wedding dress will be prepared for what is in stores and hopefully be inspired to find their wedding day bridal style. 


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Be sure to also check out this week's advice video so you can learn the top 7 new wedding dress fashion trends ahead of New York Bridal Fashion Week.



Trend 1:  Detachable Details


The first wedding dress fashion trend we are seeing a lot of with bridal outfits is detachable details. This is a really fun trend because it gives brides a lot of versatility in their bridal style and wedding day look. It has become so popular for brides to want a dynamic, ever-changing look for their wedding. Let it be an off-the-shoulder or a strap that is detachable to give you the flexibility of comfort and just the overall look. A lot of brides are wearing an off-the-shoulder style for their wedding ceremony for a soft and romantic look. They will then change up their wedding day look by adding a strap so the wedding dress is a little more secure for dancing into the evening at the wedding reception. 

Another great detachable option are wedding dress trains and overskirts. This is another beautiful way to change up your wedding day look from ceremony to reception. You can have a really dramatic look with a full dress skirt or long wedding dress train for your ceremony, and then remove that outer layer for a second bridal look at your wedding reception. 


If you want an option that gives you a little more coverage, say for a church wedding ceremony, we are seeing brides add a cape or sleeves to their wedding dress for the ceremony and then remove these items for the wedding reception. Detachable details and accessories really allow brides to have two wedding day looks with one dress and gives them the change to really customize their bridal style. This is especially nice if you are a bride who is kind of in between two looks or you love two bridal styles, you can really personalize your wedding day outfit and have the best of both worlds with detachable details. 


Trend 2:  Bold Colors


The next wedding dress fashion trend we want to share is bolder colors. We have been seeing increasingly bolder colors being worn on wedding day. Traditionally we are used to brides wearing white or ivory and over the years, we have seen blush and champagne undertones slowly incorporated. We’ve also seen lavenders and lilacs added in. But what's really interesting is that we are seeing more and more black wedding dresses. Bold colors are definitely in and we believe they're here to stay for some time. 


Choosing to wear a wedding dress with color will definitely be a personal decision. The majority of the wedding dresses that we carry at Lovella will have a nude or blush undertone to it, something with a bit of color versus a stark white. Many wedding dress designers only offer their styles in an ivory color with a nude or champagne shade underneath. Don’t shy away from something with a bit of color just because you think as a bride you need to be traditional and wear white. When it comes to wedding photography, your dress is going to appear lighter in photos than it does in person. This is one reason why we always encourage brides to take photos of the dresses they are trying on. A bridal dress with a darker layer underneath will give the dress a bit of contrast and really allow the details, like lace or beading, to stand out better in photos.


It’s certainly understandable that you might not want to commit to a bold color for your wedding dress like blue or black, but we are seeing more and more wedding dress designs with bold colors, so don’t be afraid to experiment and try on a bold wedding dress. You never know what dress you will fall in love with.

For more on wedding dress colors, be sure to read our past blog post on how to decide what wedding dress color to buy.


Trend 3:  High Low Hemlines


Wedding dress fashion trend number three is high low hemlines. Having a wedding dress that shows off your feet and is really easy to move around in is a great look for somebody who wants to be super functional and moving on wedding day. Some wedding dresses do have a higher hemline in the front that goes to a lower hemline with a really big dramatic train. And some will have just a super small sweep train that might be perfect for a destination wedding or a wedding on the beach so you can move around freely. 


Or maybe you are just obsessed with your bridal shoes and you want a dramatic shoe moment! At Lovella, we see so many brides that love their sneakers or their high heels and want to show them off on wedding day. Many brides pick out special shoes for their wedding day, or choose a blue shoe to be their “something blue” item. A high-low hemline is a great way to show off your bridal shoes and have a fun fashion moment. 


Trend 4:  Minimalist Styles


Wedding dress fashion trend number four is one that has been growing for the last few years. Minimalist wedding dress styles are becoming more popular with dress designers and brides alike. Minimalist wedding dress styles include clean dresses designs with minimal or no embellishment at all.


Along with minimal embellishment and detailing, we see simple dress silhouettes such as sheaths or even big ball gowns. What we love about minimalist wedding dresses is the opportunity to choose some really bold accessories and make a statement with your bridal style. You should choose some statement jewelry to really have a fashion moment. Or if you are a bride who wants and overall minimalistic wedding style, keep it super simple and choose sleek accessories. 


Another fun trend we are seeing is the minimalistic fashion look combining with the  trend of bold colors. At Lovella in particular, we have some minimalistic bridal dresses that are in a lilac color or a black color and it really creates a beautiful merging of fashionable and also traditional. We think this is a beautiful style and is a trend that is really growing amongst so many different brides and different cultural communities as well, which is really fun to see as bridal consultants. 


Trend 5:  Sheer Fabrics


The next wedding dress fashion trend we want to discuss is a bit of a controversial topic. This trend is wedding dresses with sheer fabrics. This trend has so been so controversial online for a number of reasons. Some people think some of our dresses that are a little bit more sheer and revealing should be saved for the wedding night and not the wedding itself. But we find that many brides love these sheer styles. A wedding dress with a bit of exposed boning in the body is very light and the airy materials make it a little more comfortable to wear and can be a bit sexy.

We don’t see anything wrong with brides choosing to show off a little skin on wedding day if that is what makes them feel beautiful and confident. We want all of our brides to walk down the aisle in a wedding dress they love and feel confident wearing. 


Trend 6:  Off The Shoulder


Wedding Dress fashion trend number six is a wedding dress style that is making a bit of a comeback: off the shoulders sleeves. We already touched on wedding dresses with detachable off the shoulders sleeves, but this style includes permanent sleeves and embellishments. 


One of the most common insecurities brides have is being self-conscious about their arms. We hear this all the time at Lovella from brides coming in to shop for their wedding dress. Lately, we are seeing a lot of designers making bridal dresses with new little details, maybe it's a bow being added or it has some jewels hanging down the sleeve. Designers are really bringing in this classic, off the shoulder design detail that has been in fashion for so many years and they're adding little funky twists to it to really make it new and fresh and super trendy while remaining classic.   


One thing to mention in terms of an off the shoulder sleeve or detail that is not detachable like we mentioned in the beginning, is that you are limited a bit in arm movement and mobility. It’s just something to keep in mind when you are trying on dresses. Maybe you will want to have a reception bridal dress that you change into that's more comfortable and free moving, or you might be perfectly fine with being restricted and unable to lift your arms all the way up. There are some designers who have become creative with their off the shoulder sleeves and have added elastic to the back of the fabric to give it some stretch and a bit more mobility when moving the arms around. So that can be a good option too to discuss with your bridal stylist if you want to stay an in an off the shoulder dress all wedding day. 


Trend 7:  Custom Embroidery


The last wedding dress trend we are going to share today that is becoming more and more popular with brides is customized embroidery. This is a trend that brides are constantly requesting when they come into Lovella. A celebrity example of this was Haley Bieber’s bridal style with a custom embroidered wedding veil with “til death do us part” on the bottom of her veil. 


At Lovella, we have had brides who want to put their fiancé’s initials on their wedding dress sleeves and our seamstresses have been able to customize their bridal dresses with stitching or beading. We love the idea of a customized embroidery element hidden into your wedding dress design, or even exposed into the veil or down on the wedding dress train.


It could be something that’s obvious like Haley Bieber’s wedding veil, or something that’s a more subtle detail for your wedding photos or just for you and your fiancé to know about. It adds a very sentimental touch to your bridal look. 


More Helpful Wedding Dress Advice


These are just a few of our favorite wedding dress fashion trends that we think are only going to continue to evolve and grow for years to come. We hope you find these trends and advice helpful when you decide to shop for your wedding dress or bridal outfit. For even more helpful advice when it comes to wedding dress fashion, be sure to check out our past posts:



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